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"A professional who strives for the very best"

Cooking and computing, believe it or not, these qualities could be recognised as two of my strong points. Writing however...

As an online Author we all know there are many areas for one to have not only perfected and understood but also refined well enough to have developed it into there own style.

Well.... Let's hope I have delivered...

Be entertained, inspired and humored (hopefully) by my hubs...

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    • What's Your Best Joke?

      What's Your Best Joke?

      3 years ago

      I know everyone has that one hilarious joke they use which will always get a good laugh out of everyone in the local vicinity.I'll start.A new Commander is sent to take over a command of a post in a remote location.On...

    • Malware Spotted on Bubblews!

      Malware Spotted on Bubblews!

      3 years ago

      Now I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this.I operate from my office where I employ fully trained I.T staff to handle my network, servers and firewall so I can concentrate on more important tasks. I do...

    • Who Agrees With This Notion?

      Who Agrees With This Notion?

      3 years ago

      Ok.Before I digress into the main "notion", so to speak, a bit of background info will better explain the question yet to be mentioned.Yesterday my mate rings and says he wants to catch up.He lives quite a...

    • A clever little trick

      A clever little trick

      3 years ago

      Your Phone number will reveal your Age[1] Enter the last digit of your cell phone number, then =[2] Use this figure and multiply by 2, then =[3] Then add 5, then =[4] And then multiply by 50 then =[5] And then add the...

    • What's your thoughts?....

      What's your thoughts?....

      4 years ago

      Just a quick question to all us hubbers. If it isn't a hassle could you give this article a rating out of 10? http://www.martinheeremans.hubpages.com … ap-Script.Thanking you in advance for your time.

    • How many hubs do you have?

      How many hubs do you have?

      4 years ago

      I think the title is pretty self explanatory. But to clarify, how many hubs have you had published and featured.