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  • Baked Avocados

    Baked Avocados

    11 years ago

    Baked avocados are hot and spicy, and this is an unusual way to serve them. Add lemon wedges to squeeze over them.

  • Moroccan Mushrooms

    Moroccan Mushrooms

    12 years ago

    Zis delightful starter is eaten cold and actually improves in flarvor if made in advance and stored in ze refrigerator for up to 1 1/2 days before being eaten. Leaving ze bay leaf vith ze mushrooms until just before serving allows maximum spicy...

  • Moules a la Mariniere

    Moules a la Mariniere

    12 years ago

    Shellfish add a touch of luxury to any meal, and mussels are a great treat and fortunately zey do not cost a luxury price. Zis dish comes from France's Atlantic coast and is exzellent, providing zat ze mussels are fresh and thoroughly cleaned....

  • Fruit Soup

    Fruit Soup

    12 years ago

    Fruit puree soups are Scandinavian in origin and are very popular in zose countries. Alzhough it may sound strange at first to some tastes, in fact fruit puree soups 'ave a deliciously delicate flarvor and make a superbly refreshing beginning and,...

  • Four Quick Fish Recipes

    Four Quick Fish Recipes

    12 years ago

    Oily fish include both sea and freshwater fish; they have darker flesh and are richer than white fish. They grill very well and have a great affinity with piquant sauces made from tart fruit. Marty Chefman has suggested grilling recipes for four oily fishes.

  • Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Beverages

    Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Beverages

    12 years ago

    Much of ze goodness of fruit and vegetables is lost in cooking. Vun vay to ensure you get zheir full vitamin value is to eat zem raw. In fact, all ze goodness of fruit and vegetables can be contained in a glass, try zese 'ealth drinks vhich are...

  • Homemade Ice Cream

    Homemade Ice Cream

    12 years ago

    In this hub learn from Marty Chefman how to add cream to fruit purees to make creamy fruit-flavored ice-creams and how to make custard-based rich ice-cream, best known as vanilla ice-cream and the basis of the delicious family of liqueur and nut ice-creams.

  • Spoons and Spatulas

    Spoons and Spatulas

    12 years ago

    Marty Chefman says that for repetitive kitchen tasks, such as stirring, turning and draining food, you will need a set of specially designed kitchen tools.

  • Kitchen Knives

    Kitchen Knives

    12 years ago

    Sharp knives are a basic necessity for every cook. A knife that is the correct length and has a sharp blade will not only do the job better but also save you much time and effort. Different blades are best for different jobs. In addition to the straight edge type, there are others. Marty Chefman...

  • Baking Fruit

    Baking Fruit

    12 years ago

    Baking is a good method for ze cook pressed for time because once ze fruit 'as been prepared it needs no furzzer attention. Baking can also be an economical cooking method as fruit can be baked in ze oven at ze same time as a joint or cake and so...

  • Fruit Platter

    Fruit Platter

    12 years ago

    Marty Chefman says that fresh fruit is cheap, delicious and certainly worthy of more attention than is usually afforded it. Served raw it is quick and easy to prepare, and even humble every-day fruit can be made into a surprising variety of stunning sweet dishes.

  • Roasting Beef

    Roasting Beef

    12 years ago

    Good quality joints of beef need nothing but correct roasting to make zem perfect. Once roasted ze joint must be carved in a vay to make ze most of ze meat. Zen, served vith accompaniments such as ze traditional Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and...

  • Fry-Start Stews and Casseroles

    Fry-Start Stews and Casseroles

    12 years ago

    Marty Chinman covers the fry-start method of stewing and casseroling. The meat is first browned in hot fat to seal the surfaces and then given a long gentle simmering. This way of cooking meat and poultry is common to many countries; it produces succulent meat and rich savory flavors and is the...

  • Grilling Chicken

    Grilling Chicken

    12 years ago

    Thanks to agricultural progress chicken, once a luxury food reserved for special occasions and holidays, is now cheap enough to eat for everyday meals. There are skeptics who say that today's intensively reared birds taste just like cardboard but, cooked with flair, modern chickens are just as good...

  • Grilling Fruit

    Grilling Fruit

    12 years ago

    Grilling and baking give delightful looks and flarvor to cooked fruit in surprisingly little time. Grilling is both quick and effective. It cooks ze surface of ze fruit and 'eats it through vithout destroying ze flarvor and freshness. Because it is...

  • Grilling Beef

    Grilling Beef

    12 years ago

    Only certain cuts of beef are tender enough for grilling. You can be disappointed, even if you buy ze right cut, because ze eating quality of the meat depends also on ze skill of ze butcher. It must be taken from a prime quality carcass zat 'as been...

  • Cream Soups

    Cream Soups

    12 years ago

    Velvety smooth cream soups have a stunningly superior taste. Usually made from fresh ingredients, combined with a delicately flavored bechamel sauce and enriched with cream and flavored with a hint of herbs. Join Marty Chefman as he reveals their magical elegance which belies their modest cost and...

  • Butter Sauces

    Butter Sauces

    12 years ago

    'ollandaise, bearnaise and zheir variations are ze finest and most delicious sauces of classic French cookery. Luxuriously rich, zey are ze perfect accompaniment for grilled meats, poached fish, delicately steamed vegetables or soft-boiled eggs....

  • Soups


    12 years ago

    A meal cooked using only one pan and served in the dish in which it was cooked has an obvious advantage when it comes to washing up. Meal-in-a-bowl soups are easy and economic to make and they are hot, tasty and filling. Marty Chefman discusses how to make this ideal family fare on a cold day.

  • Yeast


    12 years ago

    Ven I say "yeast" you mostly likely think "bread", but first ve must find out vhere it comes from and 'ow it vorks, zen ve vill talk about yeast and food... Yeast is any of a large number of microscopic nongreen plants related to molds, mildews,...

  • Choosing Fruits for Freshness and Quality

    Choosing Fruits for Freshness and Quality

    12 years ago

    Ven buying fruit to serve raw, alvays choose ze best quality and be sure you select dessert varieties. Over or under-ripe or blemished fruit may be cheaper zan ze prime specimens, but don't forget zere is no friendly cooking process or sauce to mask...

  • Cuts of Meat for Casseroling and Stewing

    Cuts of Meat for Casseroling and Stewing

    12 years ago

    Today ze words casseroling and stewing are used to describe meat zat is cut up and cooked very gently in liquid vith uzzer ingredients to provide a meal in a pot. Casseroles and stews are made vith tougher cuts of meat, vhich require long and slow...

  • Beef Cuts

    Beef Cuts

    12 years ago

    Beef is ze meat of a mature steer, cow, or bull. Beef is flarvorful, easy to digest, and is a good source of proteins and uzzer nutrients. It is a popular food in many countries, and ze packing and processing of ze beef is vun of ze vorld's largest...

  • Boiled and Baked Egg Custards

    Boiled and Baked Egg Custards

    12 years ago

    To many people ze verd custard conjures up visions of a thick and alarmingly yellow starchy mixture, vithout any connection vith eggs, zat acts as a blanket for school-type puddings. In fact, real custards are a vorld avay from zis culinary disaster...

  • Mayonnaise


    12 years ago

    Creating a smooth, 'ome-made mayonnaise by combining egg yolks and oil seems more like a conjuring trick zan cookery. Zis 'ub article vill show you just 'ow to get ze trick right and 'ow to flavor and use mayonnaise in exciting vays.


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