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Marye Audet profile image

Marye Audet

Joined 11 years ago from Lancaster, Texas




Also follow me on:

I am a sahm (stay at home mom) mom of 8, passionately interested interests! I am restoring a 100 year old farm house, homeschooling the six kids still at home, raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats, and trying to change our lives and those around us by the decisions and choices we make daily. I love reading, spinning fiber, sewing, cooking, writing, painting, crafting, antiquing...and just about anything shiny can grab my interest for a bit..Well maybe I am not that bad.

I have a weakness for roses, chocolate and LUSH bath products..and soap boxes. Welcome to my life. :)

PS... You can find more of my articles on Hubpages at my other profile, ChefMarye


For information about my freelance writing and photography contact me: Marye Audet

My cookbook,Everything Cookies and Brownies was released in September 2009 by Adams Media. I do write extensively about food, coffee, and tea but have written about many different things including historic home restoration, frugal living, herbs and natural medicine, and many other subjects.

I was a Sr. Writer and Editor for LovetoKnow until August 2011 but I am best known as a food writer across the web.

Product and Location Reviews

If you would like a product review contact me at the above link to discuss it. I have reviewed retaurants, food products, appliances, home decor, books, and many other items.

I do not promise a great review of your product but I do promise to be honest and fair.

Advice for Would Be Writers

Finally, I often get emails asking me for advice on how to make money, how to get started as a writer, and whether you can make money at it. In the interest of my busy inbox I have written the following. If you are looking for advice on writing, here it is. Please do not email me with questions about how to get started because I really don't have more to say on the subject. This truly is my best advice:

Advice for Beginning Writers

Yes, you can make a living as a freelance writer, and you can certainly make money on HubPages.

The most important advice I have for anyone who wishes to become a freelance writer is that they learn the craft of writing. As an editor I see horrific mistakes made by writers who claim to be professionals. Review the rules of grammar and use spell check. Write your article, read it, and revise as needed to make sure you are submitting your best work. Also, work on speed. If you cannot research and write a quality, completely unique 600 word article in less than an hour or so you really are not going to be able to make a decent living as a content writer.

Finally, don't give yourself away. Do some research and find out what a fair price is for your articles. Don't just take five dollars for an article with the mentality that "at least I was paid." You are either a professional or you aren't and you should be fairly paid for the work you do. Keep at it. No one got rich overnight writing on the Internet.

Expect to take at least two years of hard, consistent work to get established and start making some real money.

More information about me can be found at MaryeAudet Thank you.

Links to Blogs

I write several blogs on different subjects:


Restless Chipotle

Texas Well Seasoned

Home Restoration and Homesteading, Simple Living

Frozen Music

Christian Devotions For Women

Butterfly Warriors


From 2008-2011 I was the antiques channel editor,green living channel editor, and organics editor at LovetoKnow as well as a senior writer for various other channels.

Love To Know

I have written articles for Planet Green

You can follow me on Twitter - MaryeAudet

You can also Like the RestlessChipotle Facebook page for updates to new recipes.

My RestlessChipotle Cooking Channel is all kinds of fun...

Author on AllParenting

Finally, you can find me at my google profile -

Read my Google+ profile to see where else I publish online and what I like at:

Marye Audet, Google+


Marye Audet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to She also is a participant in the eBay affiliate program Her articles generate income from these activities.

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    • KNOWN ISSUE: WMT Authorization Permission (see

      KNOWN ISSUE: WMT Authorization Permission (see

      5 years ago

      Starting May 14 Google Webmaster Tools started advising me of an increase in "authorization permission errors".There are 798 of them... When I try to go to the provided link I get " 403 - Forbidden"So.... what is causing this? Is it something I can or need to fix? Is it hurting...

    • I know that this was probably discussed somewhere but...

      I know that this was probably discussed somewhere but...

      5 years ago

      Why have all of my hubs been completely deleted except maybe 20 of them out of over 500? Just wondering.  If they were unpublished I would get it, ie: I dont belong here any more... but completely wiped out? It's showing my traffic at 178 today.

    • RESOLVED: Color blocks on webpage

      RESOLVED: Color blocks on webpage

      6 years ago

      One of my articles is showing only squares of color when the page comes up - even if you refresh it. It is the one on self sufficiency. Thoughts?

    • Check Your Traffic Ups and Downs Against Google's Updates - List

      Check Your Traffic Ups and Downs Against Google's Updates - List

      6 years ago

      I found this website with a list of all the Google updates in the past couple of years. If you track your traffic you can organize it in which "era" it did well and which "era" it dropped. There are also links to explain what each update focused on. Hope it...

    • Email From Google

      Email From Google

      6 years ago

      A week or so ago I posted in another forum wondering if anyone had figured out the traffic drop. I also sent an email to Google asking them to reconsider my subdomain because the traffic had dropped off so badly. This is their reply - and I guess it is back to the drawing board for me...Dear site...

    • Have we figured it out yet?

      Have we figured it out yet?

      5 years ago

      So other than the fact that Google has apparently decided I am a crappy writer and my traffic is down from 17k a day to maybe 1600... with a similar decline in income... Do we yet know why this happened?  Feeling a little bitter. Have had to take on enough clients that I rarely have time to...

    • anything new re:traffic?

      anything new re:traffic?

      6 years ago

      I have been really sick... and in hospital and now home on bedrest so I have not kept up. Anything at all new on the Google front?

    • Unpublishing Articles

      Unpublishing Articles

      6 years ago

      How long should you wait after you unpublish an article before republishing it on your blog or other website? I mean, so that Google doesn't see it as copied material?

    • Jason -  Drop in views/ revenue... changed this from another thread

      Jason - Drop in views/ revenue... changed this from another thread

      6 years ago

      Jason.. I did not want to hijack the thread that you were responding to about hubpages traffic but I did want to comment. My views are down, although I don't know that it is from any issue with hubpages. Comparing my traffic weekly from Oct 1 to today there is about a 20k per week drop around the...

    • In the Interest of Transparency... Earnings

      In the Interest of Transparency... Earnings

      6 years ago

      Because I have been high profile for my earnings I wanted to be transparent and let you all know that between Oct 2011 and today my HP earnings per day have been basically cut by 60% on average. I have learned to accept that there are going to be ups and downs and prepare for the inevitable downs....

    • Question for HP Staff

      Question for HP Staff

      6 years ago

      Google has announced it will no longer consider subdomains to be individual from websites... … ools-91401Do you know if this is going to affect the newly ramped Hubpages and subsequent traffic? And, if so, is there another way to combat it.

    • Hub Traffic Continuing to Drop?

      Hub Traffic Continuing to Drop?

      7 years ago

      Just wondering.. my traffic has dropped 38% again from April to May, 18% from March to April, and 29% from Feb to March. Is this just me or is it site wide? Anyone?

    • Hubpages Changes vs Other Sites Changes

      Hubpages Changes vs Other Sites Changes

      7 years ago

      You know...I have been reading the forums more than usual lately, partially to keep up with the PANDA-moan-ium and partly to see what changes are being made that may have an effect on my articles.You can take this or leave it...but at least read it. I work as a freelance writer for several clients,...

    • Slideshows?


      7 years ago

      O.k. I have made numerous slideshows but when I tried to create one tonight there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Am I missing something or is there a glitch?Thanks.

    • Copied Hubs

      Copied Hubs

      7 years ago

      You might want to check this site for your hubs... >

    • hey Hubpage Cadre...

      hey Hubpage Cadre...

      9 years ago

      I LOVE the hubmetrics...thank you so much!

    • Seriously


      9 years ago

      I really want to know if we can do something about the sexy google ads...I can see if it was on related hubs..but I have had a hub with cookie recipes up for a month or so and today it is showing those ads?THIS IS NOT COOL!It did not used to be this like that were up for maybe a few hours...

    • links disappearing when hub is published.

      links disappearing when hub is published.

      9 years ago

      I have had this happen before and I don;t understand why it does, any help appreciated.I have noticed that when I have a long hub of 1000 words or more that often only one link will show up in the link capsule once it is published..I have tried using more than one link capsule, moving the...

    • Problems with text capsules?

      Problems with text capsules?

      9 years ago

      Is anyone else having problems with the text capsules this morning?  It won't take text for me. 

    • Google, seriously

      Google, seriously

      10 years ago

      Absolutely no earnings on Google for today?This really is starting to be weird.

    • Word counter?

      Word counter?

      10 years ago

      Are there any plans for having a word counting tool? I know it is good to do the hubs on Word and then paste them in but the cut and paste feature here is very slow...and alot of times I would just rather write straight on the hub.

    • I Just wanted to share...

      I Just wanted to share...

      10 years ago

      I do read the forums..I know I don't post much..but...I signed a contract yesterday to  write a cookbook...I am so amazed!   I have gotten a lot of inquiries via HubPages...was interviewed for a magazine (they found me on Hubs), picked up several freelance jobs...and now  this...

    • So Gamer Girl

      So Gamer Girl

      10 years ago

      Trying to answer your request for soda but hubpages won't let me write a new hub...::;sadness:::seems to be a glitch in the works for the moment..will try later.

    • important hub for marines and retired least I think so

      important hub for marines and retired least I think so

      10 years ago

      I am really not trying ot be overly promotional but this hub has important information for anyone who was at camp lejeune north carolina from 1957-1987They are doing a study because there were high levels of VOCs and other toxins in the may answer the question for us why my husband has...

    • New ebay? I am totally dense

      New ebay? I am totally dense

      10 years ago

      With the new ebay affiliate program I am totally dense on how to get the links on my hubs, and what to enter where?Or is hubpages not doing it yet?  I am lost.

    • word count

      word count

      10 years ago

      I know this has probably been discussed before-just point me in the right direction..other than writing on a word program and copying ot Hubpages is there a way to get a word count on hubs? It would be helpful in the writing of Flagship Hubs especially

    • Cut and paste?

      Cut and paste?

      10 years ago

      I am working on a flagship hub. I wrote it, as I normally do, in my word program and am trying to copy it over to Hubs. When I open up the box and try insert the text it prints off in the insertion box but will not consistently insert in the text box (I hope this makes sense!) it is really slowing...

    • images disappearing?

      images disappearing?

      10 years ago

      I have a hub where this ONE image keeps disappearing, leaving only the box and what I have commented about the picture. no other hub OR image on that page for that matter is doing that. Ideas?

    • growl. >: (

      growl. >: (

      10 years ago

      Someone came through my hubs this afternoon and hit several with thumbs down for no reason..I mean they weren't even controversial. BLAH.

    • hub scores?

      hub scores?

      10 years ago

      I posted two hubs in the past 15 has a hub score of 0 and one has a score of 39 or something...I never have scores this low..what's up? Any ideas?

    • Links/indexes


      10 years ago

      This is sort of related. I tried to create an August index to the hubs I had written. 4 times with firefox, 2 times with IE.  Each time when I published links or whole boxes were lost.It would be good to have a template that was just for indexes to your hubs...once you get past a certain point...

    • Links Disappear when hub is published?

      Links Disappear when hub is published?

      10 years ago

      So, being a bit determined, I have worked most of the day on a hub page that is an index to my August hubs. Every single time i have published it it has dropped several links. Once it dropped and entire box. SO, other than shooting it any ideas? I am not long on patience right now.