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I'm a 30-something self taught science nut. Formally a database systems engineer who is very involved in his career. Informally a futurist, technodabbler, wannabe physicist, and a father of one. While I falter in the shadow of complex astrophysical computations, I pride myself on the ability to understand conceptual science and enjoy translating mind bending theories into plain english.

Some would describe me as a philosopher of sorts. I disagree. I feel that most "philosophers" now days are nothing but elitists that overthink everything, and contribute nothing. Instead, I like to describe myself as a "thinker."

One of my favorite pastimes is to ponder the future. It is enlightening to imagine the everythings that might, or will, happen. Our future is shaped by the ideas of the present. Without science writers such as Gene Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov, we probably would not enjoy many of the wonders and comforts we have today. While I can't compare myself to the genius of people such as they; I do find comfort in the idea that some day my own ideas may help shape the future, even if it is only on the tiniest scale.

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      • Hubpages Image/Reputation

        Hubpages Image/Reputation

        23 months ago

        Does anybody not find it absolutely ridiculous that anybody that types in hubpages.com is brought to a minimalist homepage, with the words:"I agree with Ben Carson, no Muslims as president."Everybody has a...

      • Some Useful Word Links for Writers

        Some Useful Word Links for Writers

        3 years ago

        I came across these a few days ago - while I don't think I'll be using them constantly, I think they've got their place and may be worth a bookmark.VerbsThatStart.info - List of verbs starting with certain letters (This...

      • RESOLVED: Short stat delay

        RESOLVED: Short stat delay

        3 years ago

        I just had a comment show up on one of my hubs, 2 hours ago.I have 0 views on that hub over the past 24 hours as of right now.This math does not add up, and makes me wonder how many other views are not being...

      • Titles in Google SERPs

        Titles in Google SERPs

        3 years ago

        I've noticed that for shorter titles, our hubber name and "Hubpages" shows up in the search results, and it looks god aweful.For example, if you were to find my "New Technology - 2015" hub on Google,...

      • Suggestion: Suggestions.

        Suggestion: Suggestions.

        4 years ago

        I have found the hub topic structure to be incredibly lacking. I understand that having limited selections increases organization, a good alternative to spammy looking article directories with hundreds of topics loaded...

      • Differing hub titles in Google results?

        Differing hub titles in Google results?

        4 years ago

        Odd thing I've never run across before.I've been working on some SEO for another hubber the past week or so, involving several title changes. One hub in particular I've been keeping an eye on. Today I noticed that the...

      • Image file names?

        Image file names?

        4 years ago

        Ok - so as far back as I can remember, I've been making it a point to give my images specific SEO friendly filenames. It is a well known fact that image file names have an impact on their rankings in the image search,...

      • Why does the HubPages staff allow for so much hatred?

        Why does the HubPages staff allow for so much hatred?

        4 years ago

        http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/93880That thread has been around as long as I can remember. And every day a new thread pops up about one group hating on another. These aren't friendly debates, they are nasty, hateful...

      • HatePages


        5 years ago

        I'm sick of seeing every other thread in the forums, and every fourth question posted being somebody trolling for hatred in either religion or politics.Athiests need to shut the hell up and be atheists. You are making...

      • Mars Curiosity Rover Pictures

        Mars Curiosity Rover Pictures

        5 years ago

        My security software identified this web site as dangerous and urged me to leave it immediately. You might want to check this out.Thanks for posting.

      • Hub Spam?

        Hub Spam?

        5 years ago

        Every few days, I get a slew of hubs posted in my science and astronomy feed from Siliconbullls10. He has been a hubber for 1 month, and now has 322 hubs. I even searched one of his hubs and found it, word for word,...

      • My AdSense account got rejected!

        My AdSense account got rejected!

        6 years ago

        My girlfriend, who lives at the same address as me, has her own AdSense account. I tried to get one for my hubs, and was rejected because it associated our addresses. We are not married, do not file taxes together, and...