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I have been playing the Rock Band drums for about 5 years now, and its a big part of who I am. When i was little, i hated music. It gave me headaches and i just didnt like it. I think the first song i ever liked was something by Blink 182, and even then, i wasnt really thrilled with it either. I climbed the mainstream ladder from there through Foo Fighters, Metallica, Staind, Disturbed, Sick Puppies, and i grew into the music i grew up on as well. Bands like Rush, Boston, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, and the sort became part of my library. I hated "screamo". It was obnoxious, gave me headaches, and just sounded stressful.
I got addicted to Guitar Hero for a little while, and then i got Rock Band. I kept playing the guitar for about a year, when Guitar Hero: World Tou came out, and i got a drumset. I was instantly hooked, just like the guitar! But this was different. I played it so much more often, and eventually started to prefer Rock Band. I played that for a good year and a half before i got remarkably good at it. I was so addicted, I would buy any and every song for any price every week. As long as the chart was fun, I didn't care if the genre was Classic Rock, Pop, Bluegrass, or Metal. A ways down the road, I started getting good enough to be bored of songs like 2 Minutes To Midnight and even Panic Attack. It was then that I realized that for fun drum charts, metal is mostly where its at. It started with All That Remains and Devildriver. I hated "screamo", but the songs were so much fun! The songs ended up growing on me, and as i progressed, my tastes shaped to my skill level on the drums. Learning to appreciate the songs for what they are created a passion in me. I've been holding on to this passion and i want EVERY drummer like me to keep playing Rock Band. I will do everything in my power as an average guy to do my part in restoring the glory of Rock Band.

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