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  • Injection


    21 hours ago

    "It approaches like a train, it runs like a train, and then it stops like a YouTube video -- ringing the doorbell of a gynecologist. It is like being born in the home of a gynecologist: you do it once, and you repent ever after."

  • Dream Girl

    Dream Girl

    43 hours ago

    "Many days ago, in a stormy night, I hugged Maa tightly; my father locked the door, Trying to commit suicide."

  • Globe Trotter

    Globe Trotter

    2 days ago

    "God itself made the world, and we Think upon his image, the question Rises deep in our hearts: exactly how the cement Of creation was mixed with water, in Which machine they rolled together, what seminal Construction products were used."

  • Twenty Times

    Twenty Times

    2 days ago

    "Many many days ago, I had met him on a morgue. I was sleeping on our house's roof, on cemented base, And the sun was right above the horizon, awaiting To go to London."

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    How Should an Ideal Life Be Lived?

    4 days ago

    This hub tries to answer the age old question: How should one live one's life. There are infinite ways to live one's life—but which way is the perfect? Philosopher Immanuel Kant succeeded in answering this question: but he—too—could only answer it partially. So let us answer this question here.

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    8 days ago

    I've decorated my dead mother's body with bombs, and have hired A Microsoft employee (from Fiverr, for ten dollars per hour rate) to set the bombs with a timer. I've never called my mother "Mother". I've always called my mother "Maa!".

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    8 days ago

    "Sunup; The color of the sky is flaccid blue, like the skin of grasshopper: Everywhere around, guava and shrub trees are green like the feathers of parrot bird."

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    Windy Night

    11 days ago

    "Deep windy night was yesterday's night; All night long, broad and wide wind has played in and across my mosquito net; The mosquito net has swelled like the belly of the monsoon sea, Often it tried to snap from the bed and fly out to the stars;"

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    Vivarium Tunnel

    13 days ago

    A simple poem of life.

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    Nude Solitary Hand

    2 weeks ago

    A poem translated from the Bengali language. Enjoy!

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    Sarah Andersen

    2 weeks ago

    A poem translated from the Bengali language. Enjoy!


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