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My objective is to help others succeed and become the best possible versions of themselves. This is the thread that runs through all of my work, and I am involved in a number of projects that serve as an outlet for this passion. I am the owner and head instructor of Kempo Academy of Darien and hold over 20 years of experience in the martial arts. Currently, I am the COO of the Kempo Academy of Martial Arts organization, the administrator of belt test ceremonies, and teach martial arts to all our instructors. I've also created a YouTube channel called "FightGains" to share my knowledge of martial arts, and a blog called "Iron Wire News" to share my thoughts, experiences, and encourage others to pursue their own success. Further projects include business management, marketing and PR, and website content consulting. I am also an avid learner, enjoy public speaking, and participate in charity and community activities.

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  • Top 5 Self-Defense Concepts and Skills

    Top 5 Self-Defense Concepts and Skills

    11 months ago

    For most people, having to defend yourself in a situation where you're being threatened with real physical harm, although statistically unlikely, is a frightening thought. How prepared are you?