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Michelle Dalson profile image

Michelle Dalson

Joined 7 months ago




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Michelle currently attends Duke University as a premed student with a major in psychology and a minor in biology. As an aspiring physician, she is passionate about analyzing and imagining the ways in which medicine and science can shape society. She has written 3 novels about the scientific and social impacts of medical advancement, and currently blogs about ethical, philosophical, and scientific discussions in medicine.

Genotopia is the series she had written to unleash her fascination with medicine. The 3 novels take place in a world dependent on genetically modified animals, in a world afflicted by bizarre, imaginary diseases, and genetically modified animals. The vision of a more intimate relationship among humans (as well as between humans and animals), combined with a fascination of biology, the environment, a love of animals, and the power of the human mind, is what drove Michelle to write the series (even though it was not a true hobby of hers).

At the age of 5, she completed her first book (100 pages of childish drawings with 2-3 sentences per page), and she has been writing fictional stories ever since. Over the course of both her elementary and high school years, Michelle completed 11 novels and 8 short stories. However, writing fiction was not her hobby. She found it time-consuming and stressful while she was writing these stories. Fortunately, it was her strong passion for medicine and the seemingly infinite possible ways to manipulate science to heal people that kept her motivated to complete an entire series

On the other hand, medicine is a field in which Michelle is most drawn to. Whenever she would volunteer in the hospital, shadow a doctor, interact and converse with patients, run wet-lab experiments, study for biological and physical science courses, or read research papers on the latest medical breakthroughs, she was never consumed by the feeling to hurry up the process and move on; she enjoyed going through the process of learning and performing medical and scientific tasks in the lab and clinic one step at the time. While her research into stem cells, genetic engineering, and human physiology had inspired her to write these novels, writing Genotopia has motivated her to look deeper into the enigmatic world of science, aiming to advance the medical sciences in ways that would benefit society, just as she had depicted in the themes of her novels. Thus, she hopes that her novels will also motivate her readers to address, understand, and appreciate how science and medicine have shaped our world. Although she will no longer be writing any more stories, she is eager to continue her work in medicine and use her novels as resources to initiate important discussions about a variety of medical topics on this website.

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