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Milton Brener practised law in new orleans for 33 years, retiring in 1991 and has since spent most of his time writing.Before retiring he had written two books, one dealing with his defense of several defendants in the so-called (his words) investigation by District Attorney Jim Garrison of the Kennedy assasination, the other dealing with private flying. After retiring he attended Tulane U. where he studied Anthropology and earned a master's degree in that field.He has since written a number of books, including three on the subject of the rise of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and the European Renaissance. Most recently, however he has become absorbed with the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials and has written two books and continues to write blogs on his web site, and on webpages.com on that subject., The web site is www.miltonbrener.com

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    Richard Wagner's Jewish Friends

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    Richard Wagner is widely known as an anti-Semite, largely due to his essay, published at age 37 wherein he claimed that Jews could neither create or appreciate great art. He also is quoted by his second wife in her...