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I have been involved in the training of dogs since 2005, when I began my journey with a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix puppy, who I went on to train in basic obedience and the dog sport of agility. I was fortunate enough to come across quality trainers who would share with me the beginnings of what would become my knowledge of dogs and positive-reinforement based operant conditioning as it applies to dog training.

It set me off and what would become years of learning and professional experience working with dogs in multiple environements; including boarding kennels, dog daycares, running my first group dog walking business and subsequently my private dog training business, advising and working with local rescue groups, fostering dogs, training in the dog sports of agility, obedience, and rally-obedience - even instructing at the very same facility I started learning at, 9 years later.

Fondly referred to by those who know me as a 'dog training geek,' I continue to educate myself daily through hands-on experience with personal and client dog's alike, as well as through literature and keeping up with most recent studies. It fills me with immense pride and fulfillment to know that when asked for lesson feedback clients consistently describe me as enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

It is truly my passion to help people better understand their canine companions, leading to happier, healthier relationships between dog and owner, dogs who have the skills to navigate the human environment that surrounds them, and educated owners to guide and protect them.

I am a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, as well as certified in canine and pet first-aid.

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