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Kaleidoscope Life

Blessed with a colorful imagination and a tendency to analyze life from various perspectives; I have decided to share some of my observations, memories and impressions through my writings.

Within this blog, you will find poetry, articles and short stories about my life, and the people and places that have touched, added to, taken from, molded and made my life a unique Kaleidoscope.

Some names and places may be changed or vaguely referenced to protect the innocent. And for those who may recognize themselves, please know I hold no grudges; it is your interaction in my life that has made me who I am today; whether that is good or bad is up to the reader.

Perhaps you will relate, in some way, to these glimpses into my Kaleidoscope Life. Feel free to comment on what you read. I simply ask that you refrain from using profanity; the English language is full of adjectives and adverbs that you can use to describe your thoughts and feelings without being vulgar.

With that being said, I open to you my Kaleidoscope Life

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      • Mysterious coding on my hubs

        Mysterious coding on my hubs

        6 years ago

        I just looked at my account and glanced through my hubs, as I do each day, to see if there were any broken links, little red skulls, or any other things I needed to take care of. I saw none of the above, but what I did...

      • Hub Statistics

        Hub Statistics

        6 years ago

        I would like to see an -- Interesting Hub -- feedback offered or at least something a little less over the top such as Awesome or Beautiful. Many good Hubs simply do not fall under these categories.

      • It's so cold that. . . .

        It's so cold that. . . .

        6 years ago

        Let's see how many posts we can get to this. Funny posts, serious posts, we may as well look on the bright side of this arctic winter with all the snow and below freezing temperatures. Here is my post to start things...

      • dmoz.org


        6 years ago

        Has anyone used this open directory / search engine? If so please let me know the pros and cons and what success rate you have had.Thanks!