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I am an independent travel writer, and my wonderful wife and I are based in North America. Having travelled widely, I hope that my hubpages will likewise be of wide interest.

Regarding linkages, please refer to other hubwriters regarding the content of their hubpages. Please note that the content of advertisements is not the writer's responsibility; nor do writers have prior knowledge of it; nor do writers have control over the automatically generated 'Discover more hubs' function.

It will be noted that the content of some of the hubpages which relate to various European destinations may involve the perspective of North American visitors.

Many of the hubpages are entitled 'Visiting...(etc.)'; where this refers to a noted building, unless stated otherwise, this refers to the possibility of seeing the exterior of the building in question.

Please note that, where proper names in captions to photos strictly require accents which the hubpages font sometimes does not support, these have been omitted.

The opportunity provided by hubpages.com to publish in this medium is gratefully acknowledged. Information supplied, whether verbal or graphical, and observations made in the course of these hubpages, are for interest only, and do not signify or imply any contract. Readers are encouraged to search out and check any information independently.

Thank-you for stopping by these hubpages!

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    • Beausoleil


      6 years ago

      Anyone been here? It forms part of an urban area which, in the middle of the sidewalks and roadways, suddenly turns into another country over an international border. (That of the Principality of Monaco.)

    • Who has been to Saarland, Germany?

      Who has been to Saarland, Germany?

      6 years ago

      Has anyone been there? It is in an interesting location, in western Germany, bordering France and Luxembourg.

    • The Maryland state flag

      The Maryland state flag

      6 years ago

      Who likes the colourful Maryland state flag? I think it's the most beautiful of all the US state flags. I believe originally it was a heraldic banner, dating from Colonial times.

    • Humidity in San Juan

      Humidity in San Juan

      6 years ago

      My memory of San Juan was its intense humidity, even in the middle of the night. It was like walking into a wall of water, coming out of an air conditioned airplane. (Some people get along fine with humidity, of...

    • Who has been to Luxembourg?

      Who has been to Luxembourg?

      6 years ago

      Bear in mind that there are two places called Luxembourg (actually three). There is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Its capital is also called Luxembourg, or Luxembourg City.Then there is also the Belgian province of...

    • Allowing/disallowing Hub comments with commercial links

      Allowing/disallowing Hub comments with commercial links

      6 years ago

      I have had a comment on one of my hubs (the comment itself is kid, and fine!) which I have not yet approved, because the comment includes seems to include a commercial blog link.I don't necessarily have a problem with...

    • 'Duplicate' message

      'Duplicate' message

      6 years ago

      On one of my over 200 Hubs I keep getting a 'duplicate' message. There is nothing in my Hub which is not original or specifically tailored for it alone. I have pared it down and resubmitted it. I have asked for some...