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Enjoy the writing, direction, and production of movies. I have been a movie buff ever since I was born. I love commenting and chating about movies of all varieties.

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    • I Need Help Improving My Hub

      I Need Help Improving My Hub

      4 years ago

      I received a low rating for this hub -- http://moviesreviews.hubpages.com/hub/R … Fear-Movie -- This rating is way below any of my other hubs and I am just wondering why. I have no idea what I may be missing or...

    • Referral links vs Regular links

      Referral links vs Regular links

      4 years ago

      In terms of SEO and search engine results pages, is it better for me to share a link with my tracking token or just the regular link. Will google still rank my tracking link as high as a the regular link of my hub?Thank...