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Heya, I'm Chris Patrick, a film student, novelist, and struggling artist from Atlanta Georgia. This hub pages account was created with a specific goal in mind. I have decided that I will start a third hub-page account for my CYA fiction. I will however, post a link here, and build a list of interested parties when I launch it.

However, you can find my directory of unsold fiction. Feel free to take a look at that and tell me what you think.

I think its a unique idea, and should be fun for reader and writer alike. In addition I will also be reviewing music albums, and computer technology that I like in this hubpages account.

Comment on my hubs if you have a suggestion for a chapter.

My Links:

My Studio Site

My Blog About UFOs

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      • Why does Squidoo have a higher PR?

        Why does Squidoo have a higher PR?

        6 years ago

        Any ideas?I mean, I think Squidoo is a decent website, but I far prefer HP. Frankly, out of all the content sites I've written for, HubPages and Ezine are my favorites in terms of user experience. Not only is publishing...

      • Suite 101: Alert! PLEASE READ!

        Suite 101: Alert! PLEASE READ!

        6 years ago

        Okay, I don't put these warnings out lightly. I honestly believe in the advertising sharing revenue model, so this has nothing to do with that.Rather, to promote one of my Hubs, I went to Suite 101, and wrote a nice,...

      • Didn't even Know...

        Didn't even Know...

        6 years ago

        Two weeks on account. 28 Active hubs. 30 Total. Probably hit 40 by tommorrow.I had some pre-existing content, unreleased, and I figured I'd release it (unsold short stories).Still counts, right?

      • Aspen Comics

        Aspen Comics

        6 years ago

        The Brainchild of the late Micheal Lane Turner. I love Soulfire, and have the full complete first serial.Anyone else?

      • Question


        6 years ago

        Okay, so I'm about to start a series of hubs. The interactivity of this will be great, as I have an awesome idea. However, I need to cover a few things first.A) Is it acceptable to write fiction for a hub?B) I would...