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MsDora Writer-Explorer and Certified Christian Counselor explores moral standards, healthy relationships, joyful aging and practical application of Bible principles.

Credits: Most Trusted Hubber (2017) | Best Hub in PairedLife (2016) | Most Supportive Hubber (2015) | Most Beautiful Hub (2014) | Contributor, A Cup of Comfort Devotional | Author, Purity Circle Workbook | Author, Monday Manna weekly devotional | Contributor, Sabbath School Leadership.

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      • Unfeatured Why?

        Unfeatured Why?

        11 months ago

        My article published two days ago is still not featured.  I edited once.  Can it be an oversight or is there something I need to do?  Thanks in advance for helping.

      • 6

        "Pending" Never Took So Long

        21 months ago

        I'm not a complainer, but I'm a bit concerned.  I posted an article yesterday (2/24) and it is still in pending status after more than 24 hours.  Is this an oversight, or is there something wrong with...

      • The Delete Phenomenon

        The Delete Phenomenon

        23 months ago

        Back in November, I deleted a hub.  I just noticed today that the intro-blurb I had at the top of the article appears under the "More in this Series" section under another hub.  Click on the heading...

      • Hubs Showcased on Profile Page are Stuck

        Hubs Showcased on Profile Page are Stuck

        23 months ago

        I have been trying to change the hubs showcased on my profile page, but have not succeeded.  They're mostly Christmas topics and not right for showcasing now.  Is there a problem, or am I not doing it...

      • Stranded in the Caribbean

        Stranded in the Caribbean

        3 years ago

        Not literally, but it sure feels like it.  Been asking for Internet service for a week now, all the while missing my HubPages connections.  Just want my friends to know that you are in my thoughts daily. ...

      • Help!  I Can't Figure This One Out

        Help! I Can't Figure This One Out

        4 years ago

        This morning I posted "Roles That Makes Cousins Special."  I really thought that I had done a good job, only to receive a HubPages notice that the quality is substandard.  I have gotten this notice...

      • HP Friends on My List of Blessings!

        HP Friends on My List of Blessings!

        4 years ago

        Just want my HubPages friends to know that during this Thanksgiving season, you occupy a large portion on my list of blessings.  Being a caretaker for more than a year, I’ve had far less opportunities than I...

      • Please explain the Caribbean Travel Thread on HubPages.

        Please explain the Caribbean Travel Thread on HubPages.

        5 years ago

        The travel thread to a Caribbean island must follow:  Travel and Places—Visiting North America—(Name of Island).  Why not: Travel and Places—Caribbean—(Name of Island)?  To confuse it a little...

      • Email Change

        Email Change

        6 years ago

        Greetings all!  I have not received any notifications from HubPages for some time, because the email address which I used to sign up is not receiving any new mail.  I do not know why, and I have tried in vain...

      • Where Did My Title Go?

        Where Did My Title Go?

        6 years ago

        I published a hub two hours ago.  On the Recommendations Tab it is showing "No Title" for the title of the Hub.  Any idea why? How can I fix it?  Thanks.

      • Deleting a Photo

        Deleting a Photo

        6 years ago

        I posted a question under ANSWERS (top browser) with a photo that I would like to remove. Do I have that option?  If so how?  Thanks.

      • Photos


        6 years ago

        If the photo icon (?) has been removed from the top capsule bar, how can I add a photo in that capsule? I want the photo inside not under the capsule.  Must I redo the Hub? Thankspuritycircle@usa.com