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I am an Ordained Interfaith Pagan Minister. I have been in ministry for over 20 years. I operate Rose Oak Interfaith Ministries to minister to those from all spiritual paths.

I also teach one-on-one spiritual classes and also read Tarot. I am an Intuitive Reader and use the Tarot as a tool for spiritual counsel. I do believe that Tarot is a means for individuals to look at their lives and make necessary positive changes.

I am also an herbalist and make my own tinctures, oils, salves, teas, etc. I have been studying and practicing for many years. My personal philosphy is that the energy from the herbs helps us holistically-in mind, body, and spirit. My great-grandmother and grandmother were Pennsylvania Dutch Powwows and knew all the herbs. They spent much of their time, at least I know my grandmother did, healing those in their community. I have taken the mantel and have proudly followed in their footsteps.

I also garden, spend time when I can with my grandchildren, and my amazing husband. I obviously have a passion for writing. My writing has included writing liturgy, poems, spiritual devotionals, technical materials, office procedure manuals, and equipment operations manuals. In addition to this, I am also a seamstress and own LePaon Couture and with my husband KJ and own Blackhawk Audio Services.

Look forward to writing on many topics.


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