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Since the past couple of years, i have developed a love of reading blogs and articles on a host of different topics which interest me and which have the potential to trigger a healthy argument. Through this community, i wish to take a step forward and bring to you my own write-up's and share my views with the communty on topics which i believe i can write on.

I have been a passionate supporter of Manchester United since the age of 7 when i was first introduced to the "beautiful game" by my older sister. With time, i began to appreciate and follow the sport as a whole and have transformed into an overall football enthusiast.

My interests include watching and playing football, playing video games, watching movies, listening to music and Formula 1 to name a few.

I will be writing on topics of my interest (as mentioned above) as well as on topics which are intriguing and informative (out of the blue) for others.

If you like my hubs, please do follow me and don't be shy to drop in your feedback. I will try my best to engage with others and hope to provide you with the best of my work.

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