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Marcella Woodson (M Woodson-Ursery)

Joined 8 years ago

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  • Lucid Love

    Lucid Love

    9 months ago

  • Rebirth of A Broken Goddess

    Rebirth of A Broken Goddess

    3 years ago

    My past, the pathway to my truth My truth, the vehicle to my transition My transition, the awakening to my transformation My transformation, the blessing bestowed upon my rebirth My rebirth, the acceptance of my purpose My purpose, the...

  • Screeching Silence

    Screeching Silence

    3 years ago

    When my blue skies turned gray right before my eyes and my cloud 9 drifted away, patience no longer had a name. When hopes and dreams seemed to fade and my heart stopped in confusions way, my mind began to play tricks on me. Screeching silence,...

  • It Could Have Been Me... and Then I Was Saved

    It Could Have Been Me... and Then I Was Saved

    8 years ago

    Thinking back to nights when I fell asleep full of fright, not knowing if I would wake to see the sunlight, to hear the birds sing or smell the sweet fragrance that morning dew brings... I realize today, that it was my strength He was building up...

  • February Dream

    February Dream

    8 years ago

    February Dream What is it that this land has given back to “our people” for the many hundreds of years we were slaved and abused, beaten and strung up in trees? Is it the 40 acres and a mule that we never received? What is it that this land...

  • Like Peaceful Waters

    Like Peaceful Waters

    8 years ago

    I rise each morn before the break of dawn to connect with my inner purposeful spirit. To send up a prayer and believe in the will that the most ever high takes me a step closer to my destiny. To meditate on what will be, ready and willing, eager to...

  • Optional Oppression

    Optional Oppression

    7 years ago

    Strong black woman, hold your head high, close your eyes and embrace the cry of our long lost sistas who lived their lives as slaves, but still managed to keep their faith. Feel the pain that has nurtured the minds of so many pure innocent souls...

  • Beautifully, Naturally Me

    Beautifully, Naturally Me

    8 years ago

    Bound by the outside world looking into the mirror of life that I have been provided, never to realize that this face I see was not mine, but a mere image of what was perceived to be in the eyes of a world that could never feel the depth of the...

  • And So I Say Thank You, A Letter To My Parents

    And So I Say Thank You, A Letter To My Parents

    8 years ago

    Thank you both for giving me life, thank you even more for raising me right, for teaching me right from wrong, for leading by example and providing a caring loving home. Thank you for in stilling in me the values of spirituality, as a mother...

  • To Childhood

    To Childhood

    8 years ago

    Now & Laters, Charlie Chans, Alexander the Grapes, Lemon Heads, Chik O Stix, Windmill cookies, penny candy, freeze cups, pop rocks.... those were the days. Double dutch, paper dolls, jacks, patty-cake hand games, Atari, roller skates. Joaning on...

  • Music of My Mind

    Music of My Mind

    8 years ago

    Staff paper, blank and waiting for my mind to place on it a master piece. A peace of mind, trapped in time patiently waiting to be released, is it Tuesday? Begging for my thoughts to use me and make me what they want me to be. To compose, to produce...

  • Celebrating Me

    Celebrating Me

    8 years ago

    Another year, another day I thank the Lord for allowing me to move closer to my dreams and destiny, to look in the sky at my personal star that shines so bright and orbits the moon as my imagination rotates on the axle of its vibe, I'm celebrating...

  • Because Of You, I Am

    Because Of You, I Am

    8 years ago

    So many times, I sit and tears rolled down my eyes, tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of days and nights misplaced. My happiness, my sunny day, you are my special place that takes it all away. My hugs and kisses, my life's lessons, my future my...

  • Ugly Angel

    Ugly Angel

    8 years ago

    Ugly Angel To herself she softly whispers, “ tall lanky tar-baby bug eyed girl, no hair to pull up into a ponytail, club feet knock knees nothing special about me.” Hand-me-downs, holes, shoes with no sole, never before wore make up or...

  • All That's Within

    All That's Within

    8 years ago

    To be touched, to be held, to be from deep within soul felt. To be your dream, to be your rainbow, to be all of your care let go. To be your tears, to be your hope, to be your inspiration, to be your inner spirit afloat. To be your finesse, to...

  • Passing On The Past

    Passing On The Past

    8 years ago

    No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, (Philippians 3:13) The law of time clearly reveals that any action prior to the present second is...

  • Not So Secret Admirer

    Not So Secret Admirer

    8 years ago

    Can’t help but smile when I think of your handsome face. I blush every time you come near as if I were a young girl in love for the first time again. The distinct sound of your voice echoes in my mind, I think of you constantly, all the time....


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