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I was raised in a Christian home but didn't fully give my life over to the Lord until Spring of 1980. I began to take God very seriously after that and started on a life long quest for spiritual knowledge and truth.

My search became an exciting spiritual adventure bringing many interesting people into my life. I learned sound biblical doctrine, exciting prophecies and deep revelational teachings. Something deep inside however, kept telling me there was still more.

About 12 years ago my wife and I began to study the Hebrew Roots of our Christianity. We began listening to teachings based on the original Hebrew scriptures, language and lifestyle. It was definitely an eye opener connecting many dots and filling in many blank spaces left open by others.

We soon realized just how much the "Corporate Christian Church" of today has morphed away from the accounts of the early Messianic believers in the book of Acts. This has placed a strong desire in my heart to share this new knowledge with others.

I Corinthians says that "We all see through a glass darkly...," I view God's Kingdom like a giant jigsaw puzzle and believe that God gives all His children certain puzzle pieces. When they are "fitly joined together," they begin to reveal the big picture of what God's Kingdom really is and how it works.

I believe in spiritual balance and see the whole Bible as one complete book. The Old Testament is the spiritual, historical and prophetic foundation for the New. The New Testament is the living, prophetic, expository version of things promised to us by God in the Old.

My Hebrew Roots study has helped to broaden my perspective and knowledge of who God is and how His Kingdom works. These new teachings from God's Word have helped to strengthen my personal belief in and trust for God.

Many questions that had been tucked away in the back of my mind for years are now being answered. From God's perspective there are no controversies in His Holy Word, only poor interpretations and lack of understanding. God is not the author of confusion, He is the Creator and author of life, faith, hope, truth and confidence.

I pray that my postings will help unveil for others, some of the mysteries that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me. My personal search for truth has come slowly and with much inner turmoil at times. Discovering that many things I was taught in the past and believed to be truth were religious tradition, was at times upsetting.

Jesus rebuked the Pharasic church leaders of his day by saying how the religious traditions of man "nullify the Word of God." That warning is as prevalent and meaningful today as it was when it was originally given. People act upon what they believe, be it true or false.

My mission is to help sort out and separate God's spiritual truth from man's religious tradition. My purpose is not to tear down, but rather to edify and build up. It is not a matter of just following rules and regulations because you have to. It is a matter of proving to God that you love Him. First by learning about His teachings and instructions and then keeping them, because you want to.

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