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    • Account Hacked!!!!!

      Account Hacked!!!!!

      8 years ago

      My account has been hacked and I have only just now gotten into it.  Well, I should say my everything has been hacked...email, hubpages, facebook....My password has been changed on everything.  The only reason...

    • Commercial Hub?

      Commercial Hub?

      7 years ago

      Do i want my hub to be considered commercial?  Or is that a bad thing?

    • Judging Others

      Judging Others

      8 years ago

      So I was driving home late last night and I came across a church sign that said "You will be judged according to your judging."  It made me stop and think wow...How often do I judge people.  NOt on...

    • Traffic Statistics Reporting Incorrectly

      Traffic Statistics Reporting Incorrectly

      8 years ago

      I have this one hub that has a slideshow on it, and for the past week my statistics has told me the same number of people has viewed it.  By same number I mean 1 day view same strange number and my all time number...

    • Nothing Interesting

      Nothing Interesting

      8 years ago

      So where is the action, the drama, the tears, the laughter?  I Keep coming to the forums these past weeks and find nothing interesting...where are you guys?   Have you all taken a vacation together?

    • Offended hubbers

      Offended hubbers

      8 years ago

      I may be new here, but I do alot of reading of forum posts...but it seems that alot of people get offended easily.  We all have our own opinion and we should be given our right to say it...so why be offended if...

    • Links inside body text?

      Links inside body text?

      8 years ago

      I have seen many people put hyperlinks inside their hubs but instead of it being a hyperlink it is like a click here to see my other hub on this info...how do i do that?  Also, what is a contextual link?

    • Incoming link

      Incoming link

      8 years ago

      What does it mean?  Are those links i have in my blog?  Slightly confused...

    • Slideshow photos too many too less?

      Slideshow photos too many too less?

      8 years ago

      I wrote a hub one the beauty of a country and added a slideshow of pictures from there...does anyone have an idea of what would be too many pictures to look at or what is too less?

    • photo slideshow

      photo slideshow

      8 years ago

      I am doing a hub on the beauty of a country i lived in...and it is a slideshow.  I was wondering on average how many photos are considered good and how many are considered "too much".  Thanks!

    • Ads don't match content

      Ads don't match content

      8 years ago

      I need help. My ads don't match my content.  I have checked my keyword density and I did not use my keywords too much or too little.  Why do they not match?