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After traveling the world and teaching Sherpas in dirt-floored Himalayan schools, stressed Korean kids in late-night academies, and inner-city elementary schoolers, I'm ready to share a few things. I hope the random bits of wisdom and advice I've accumulated will make your life easier and remove some of the stress of teaching. My degree was just the beginning of a journey...

In the last few years I've taught at ten different schools and my classrooms are too many to number. I am familiar with the mountains of paperwork that threaten to suffocate well-designed lesson plans, and the paralyzing stress of having too much to do. I approach my work with minimalist passion- make the most impact, while leaving room for myself to grow. While American Education certainly needs a transformation, kids haven't changed. They need tough and tender love, challenge, and a push to leave behind the prejudices that tend to leak in. I'm in the process of figuring out what that means, and what it looks like. Thanks for joining!

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