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Well About Myself....

I am Akhil+, a young smart guy who loves to learn anything and share it with others.I am a computer engineer.I've taken up programming as my passion i love everything about computers and always dream about the revolutions its going to bring in the next decade.Yes! 'Web' is the new 'Society' I also live there. My articles here in Hubpages have fetched over 200,000 readers by now. If you read a lot or if you are interested in writing something which can help others then you can sign up at Hubpages.


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You can have a look at me personal blog about technology and several other things that interest me here.

I'm very optimistic and cheerful person.I like to enjoy life and make many new friends.The best thing I like about web is it's potential to get lot of great fiends.I love to make friends all over the world!( Feel free to be my friend on facebook & twitter right away!!! ).

Well besides computers i like to read a lot and search out more and more from the ocean of wisdom and knowledge.Few of my favourite hub topics are technology, health,tourism,education and carrer! You can browse through my buzzing articles at the bottom of this page. Check out some cool accolades awarded to me at the right side of this text.

I have some good articles on the upcoming revolution in the computer world i.e. Cloud Computing.You can know more intrestin things about the new Cloud Computing Providers and Cloud Computing Certifications there. You can get deeper industrial and investment insights on cloud computing from Top Cloud Computing Companies website .

If you'd like to have a glance on my beautiful birthplace visit my hub on kerala.

Please do not hesitate to request hubs on any of the related topics.I can definitely help you out.So lets reach out and get more in life...

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