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Before you stands a daunting stone gateway, it’s rough texture intricately carved with runes and sigils, almost glowing in the morning sun. Beyond the gate is a yellow cobbled path, its winding, shadowed path leading into realms unknown and lands undiscovered. It twists and turns and splits in various patterns, the road itself embodying the choices to be made in one lifetime. Further beyond that, it leads to lives once lived and those still to come. This is the path of prudence.

Behind you lays the tempting lands of close-mindedness, where science and logic provide answers and cloud the imagination. A world where wrong decisions are easy to avoid, and the smog of technology keeps you entertained, creating the illusion of happiness. The time has come to decide whether or not to step forward and confront your inner feelings, no matter what you may unearth. Like the twisting path before you there will be discoveries to be made about yourself, twists and turns so disheveling that giving up will be the easy choice.

But in understanding yourself so deeply, you free yourself for wisdom. Your path becomes golden before you and the road is clear. Running across it is a stream of knowledge, bathing in it resulting in a constant stream of epiphanies and advice to be shared with all who seek it. The spirits of our ancestors can be heard whispering here, guiding us and pushing us past uncertainty. The tearing away of your walls soon seems worth it, and you thank yourself for being so determined. Through fear you have found courage, through loss you have found love, through sadness you have found happiness, and through being empty you have been refilled with the gift of wisdom.

It is here, that balance is found.

About Me

Hello and welcome to my humble Hubpages account. My name is Gary Holdaway, I’m 21 years old and am the father of a beautiful, seven month old daughter. The 50 of you that follow me at the time of writing this will surely notice that all of my hubs are gone, and have been replaced with however many pieces of fiction and poetry. I have an explanation. The Paganism pieces have been swapped to a different account, known as WitchesMIX. WitchesMIX is a partnership of three writers, solely dedicated to the sharing of free information on all aspects of the spiritual, covering everything from Wicca to Haitian Vodou.

After much deliberation I have decided to begin the Druidic path of Bardic training, so that I may touch the hearts of those who care to listen, and gently pass on messages of wisdom through fiction and poetry. Much practice may be needed before this is achievable, and believe me when I say I have a whole lifetime dedicated to improvement, but if I can even slightly entertain some people before my lifetime of acquiring stories is complete, I will be happy. My email address is garyholdaway1@hotmail.co.uk. I’m happy for you to email me at any time, be it about questions regarding druidry, comments on my writing, or just general chit-chat. Thanks in advance for your follow, and I invite you to read between the lines when reading my pieces, and take with you whatever messages you want from them.

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