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natelegakis profile image

Nate Legakis (natelegakis)

Joined 20 months ago from California




Also follow me on:

When I am not working on amazing websites, I love to swim, garden, cook and watch Youtube videos. I have enjoyed surfing, soccer, and golf in the past but it has been a long time since I have got myself out there to enjoy these activities. Do you like golfing? If so, send me a message and let's play sometime! We can talk business and make it a tax write off! Shhh, I won't tell if you don't tell. Want to go surfing at Bodega Bay? Let's do it sometime when the waves are just right.
Most of my surfing took place at Black's Beach because it was within walking distance of the dormatory at UC San Diego. It was always interesting when you would find a naked man there walking by while you were on your way to catch some waves. Public nudity was not something that I was accustomed to while growing up in the sheltered town that I was raised. Anyway, I was only lucky enough to make it out there once or twice when the waves were perfectly formed. Conditions are everything when it comes to having a good surfing session. Unfortunately, it is usually crowded and competitive when the waves are just right. That's what makes surfing hard for someone like me that doesn't live on the coast and doesn't watch surf reports night and day. I really admire and respect those in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s who can still ride a wave or two without risking their life too much. I hope that when I am 70, I will still be able to ride a wave. That's one of my life goals.
I have yet to publish Youtube videos of all the amazing stuff that I think about and create, but someday I hope to get around to it. Having your own website and publishing Youtube videos is a great way to voice your ideas and interact with people who are like minded. It's amazing how much you can learn from others who have both tried and succeeded as well as those who have tried and failed. It's a little bit funny that even one of the most popular searches on Youtube is fail. Watching others who have gone before you always helps you to know what pitfalls to avoid and what currently works best. I can also help to spark ideas in your own head on how to better your business or even yourself. You'll find some of my favorite videos scattered throughout this site. I've recently published a few Youtube videos of my cooking skills. A couple of my main hobbies these days are cooking and watching my son play with his trains. There is one Youtuber out there that has published his train collection and received millions of views! I posted a video in reply to show him that there are other collectors much like him out there. Whatever your interest or hobby, there is a Youtube audience and community for you.

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