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An ageless, multi-faceted woman who is an 'artist of life' who loves to write about it. An especially great honor was being voted 'Hubpages Poet of the Year' by members in late 2013, and I"m honored to have received other tributes by fellow Hubbers over time.

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O Light, My Light: To My Dearest Nellieanna Hay at Christmas Time by Manatita; Blossoms of the Heart. A Sonnet to my Dear Friend, Nellieanna Hay - by Manatita; Oh Wonderful Wrists - by Dream On; Blue Bonnet Highway.........for Nellieanna Hay -by ahorseback; My Ode To Nellieanna - by Jodah (a tribute to sharing and boosting each others' hubs); One Hundred Red Roses of Love - by Manatita (a beautiful tribute to several favorite fellow-Hubbers):Divine-Impressions The Way of The Esoteric or AestheticLover - by Manatita; The Dawn of Love Beckons: Dedicaion To Nellieanna, A Sacred Lady - By Manatita; Whispers of Poetry: Dedication to Nellieanna H Hay - By Manatita; I Have Met a Beautiful Lady Her Name is Nellieanna - By Deborah Langford Brooks; The 6th coveted Lollipop Award - By Martie Coetser; The Flute Player: Nellieanna Hay's Audition - By Martie Coetser; Getting to Know Nellieanna Hay - By Maria Jordan, (Marcourjor); Conversation with Nellieanna Hay - By Gerry Gilligan (sligobay); Mother (a poem inspired by Nellieanne H. Hay) - By Martie Coetser; Redeemed by an Angel: My Tribute To Nellieanna - By Michael Hay (empiremike); Musings on Poetry - By Alan R Berry (arb); Texas Toast - By (DREAM ON)

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  • Labyrinth of Life

    Labyrinth of Life

    3 years ago

    Labyrinth of life, Taking turns On straightaways, Moving by the feel Of what is real. . . . To know the betters Turns. . . . ___© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • Verse-A-Tility


    5 years ago

    A collection of random original versatile verses.

  • Iridescent Tokens of Knowing

    Iridescent Tokens of Knowing

    3 years ago

    Growing pains ~ at any age. ______© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • Incandescent Tokens of Love

    Incandescent Tokens of Love

    5 years ago

    You are Worth your wait In treasures Of the heart. ___© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • Intermezzo


    4 years ago

    Finding, keeping, coming, sleeping, splendidly proceeding into tomorrow. End today, enter into the now, Singing! Ringing! __© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • Fleur-de-lys


    4 years ago

    Beautiful blossom, Radiate your artistry In misty tints; Illuminate shadows of the heart. ______© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • Meet Roderick W. MacIver

    Meet Roderick W. MacIver

    5 years ago

    This talented artist creates a site called "Heron Dance" to publish his newsletter & display his artworks: treats to anticipate & enjoy each time.

  • In Remembering Rachel Carson

    In Remembering Rachel Carson

    5 years ago

    A SENSE OF WONDER “If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we...

  • Heart Murmurings

    Heart Murmurings

    4 years ago

    Life's most significant highlights begin with a heartbeat among countless heartbeats, as if the heart itself announces them.

  • Oiva Toikka

    Oiva Toikka

    5 years ago

    Master of Glass/Design, hand-blown glass art objects to grace shelves or table & lift spirits each time one beholds them!

  • Life is a Trampoline!

    Life is a Trampoline!

    4 years ago

    Trampoline! This life’s a trampoline! And in between Each bounce, We grow a little, Know a little More about A Trampoline! . . . . . . ____© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • Green Sheets - Red Riding Hood

    Green Sheets - Red Riding Hood

    5 years ago

    Glimpse back in time to when chatroom chats & frequent Get-Togethers were in full swing.

  • Sequences


    5 years ago

    From life's Messy mixture Poetry rises To the top Or settles To the bottom In its time. With highest aspiration, Lowest tribulation Expressing into words. In bits of rhyme. ____© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • Whisperings


    4 years ago

    A collection of some of my original poetry which had merely been whispered; never before being published until my Hubpage experience prompted sharing them here, - first of many to follow.

  • Facets Of Verse

    Facets Of Verse

    4 years ago

    Life astounds me! How beautiful! How full! And here am I To live IT. . . . . ____© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • My Tale Is Told

    My Tale Is Told

    2 years ago

    She, in Colorado; I, in Indiana. Among the mailbox contents, an envelope postmarked Colorado was a welcome sight! Its back flap bore her witty little drawing illustrating her message about their icy weather.

  • Cloud Coverings

    Cloud Coverings

    5 years ago

    One must become at least conversant with one's valleys & sinkholes, one's bright or overcast days if one is to become free-to-be, at ease in one's valleys & on one's peaks, without haunting fears of falling off into...

  • Rain Dance

    Rain Dance

    4 years ago

    At times fear prevents taking risks to leave so-called security of mere representations of real things wherein might be found what's really awaiting; till suddenly realizing that is futility. ~©nhh

  • Realms


    4 years ago

    Realms of light and knowledge beckon on a yonder hill. They must be earned by diligence, their wisdom to instill. 〰©Nellieanna H. Hay

  • Swatches


    4 years ago

    Bits of experience, moments in time bring memories of life well lived. ____© Nellieanna H. Hay

  • My Father,

    My Father, "The Deacon"

    5 years ago

    Let me introduce MY DAD! No, he wasn't a real deacon (which will be explained). He WAS the best Dad I could have.

  • 2: Post  Postscript

    2: Post Postscript

    5 years ago

    While 'he' was hunting them in his Indiana woods, I was sitting on a stump, cold & frightened with squirrels keeping me company!

  • 1: A Postscript

    1: A Postscript

    13 months ago

    Our furry friends have lessons they can teach us in unexpected ways at times. Let's call these SquirreLessons & see what we derive from them.

  • Paranoid? Or Just Plain Squirrelly?

    Paranoid? Or Just Plain Squirrelly?

    5 years ago

    What IS it about squirrels? Small, super-active, furry rodent critters. Funny! Pests! Sure, they're entertaining - EXCEPT when they're pests, which is when they become VARMINTS! blblblbl. . .

  • Perceivings


    4 years ago

    Poems of growing awareness describe my early personal journey.

  • Dimensions


    4 years ago

    Original collection of poetry touching upon life's challenges & responses.

  • Bugle Me A Day©

    Bugle Me A Day©

    4 years ago

    Bugle me a day; the way now seems unclear; to pray, too dear to try; to plan another day, too raw. ____ © Nellieanna Hay

  • Magnolia-opus 4

    Magnolia-opus 4

    5 years ago

    He'd always recall this day & the little tree that'd waited to be HIS as nothing else had been! They's grow up together, he thought! 0h, to hold onto this moment & its glow forever! A perfect day - enough for now.

  • Soliloquy


    5 years ago

    soliloquy |səˈliləkwē| . . .noun ( pl. -quies) - an act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers.

  • Following Other Hubbers

    Following Other Hubbers

    2 years ago

    One of my early hubs, expressing delight in discovering personable fellow-writers who've become colleagues & friends.

  • Magnolia-opus 3

    Magnolia-opus 3

    5 years ago

    Their new house provided a way he could be with Dad & contribute so he'd feel more included & important. Otherwise, Mom & Dad were usually really busy with their duties & interests.

  • Magnolia-opus 2

    Magnolia-opus 2

    5 years ago

    War declared over; Peace Treaties signed. Peace began to be waged, subtler & more demanding, than War had been, plusno "treaty" to mark its conclusion, which conclusion was never reached!

  • Magnolia-opus 1

    Magnolia-opus 1

    2 years ago

    Postwar babies boomed; so did postwar building business. Dad's career took off; next: new home.

  • Magnolia ~ Beginning the Odyssey

    Magnolia ~ Beginning the Odyssey

    5 years ago

    Prologue: He was a "boomer" - a late boomer; "late" because he was born later in the boomer decade.

  • Awareness of Contrast

    Awareness of Contrast

    5 years ago

    Being Aware: Virtue - Vision - Breath - Progress - Belief; We KNOW only by contrast. What exists which we do not know, we take for granted. What may or may not exist, we do not KNOW for certain, so we frequently...

  • Joyfully Using Treasures

    Joyfully Using Treasures

    5 years ago

    I picture Mother engaged in her myriad creative & practical pursuits, nothing ever too insignificant to captivate interest as she fully used her nows.

  • Joyfully Using IT

    Joyfully Using IT

    5 years ago

    Ribbons of time unwind from infinity’s spool, loop & heap in convolutions on floor of space, beyond recall.

  • On Taking Stock

    On Taking Stock

    5 years ago

    Answering For Oneself At the End Of the Day: It's not a race, but a life-style, a standard which stitches together the quilt-blocks of one's life, a principle on which one builds its quality & contributes to that of...

  • The Courage To Be - The Simple Truth

    The Courage To Be - The Simple Truth

    5 years ago

    In need of reassurance, ~ I became immune to words; so my friend, Freda, sent me a non-letter, awakening me.

  • :Lightning Could Strike

    :Lightning Could Strike

    5 years ago

    LIGHTNING COULD STRIKE! But could It happen to you? Yes. If you're lucky it could. How to know if it does? No way to not know! You'll be electrified!

  • Cutaway Lives

    Cutaway Lives

    5 years ago

    A cutaway is a focus usually of something other than the current action. It's useful; opens other possibilities than the mundane which might be the order of the day.

  • A Mind of One's Own

    A Mind of One's Own

    5 years ago

    OK, just what is this?" we may want to know.   That's logical! Much research has been done & is being done by scientists more qualified than I to answer it! But let's look into it together.

  • The Deviant Mind

    The Deviant Mind

    5 years ago

    The intriguing role of will in one’s character & choices. How does it figure in madness & deviant behavior, if it does?

  • Non-Attachment


    5 years ago

    What is non-attachment and what is it NOT? Of course, what it's not is attachment. So what really is to be considered is the personal effects of each of these concepts.

  • What Our Hubs May Reveal About us

    What Our Hubs May Reveal About us

    5 years ago

    Writing encourages self revelation. Other writers exchanging theirs help us modify our restraints, so we all open up & share our experiences & ideas.

  • AHA Moments

    AHA Moments

    5 years ago

    We've all had fuzzy thoughts becoming crystal-clear & dead ends beginning to knit & spring to life! Also, we've needed an AHA! which didn't come - they come or not of their own accord!

  • Mindset and Choice

    Mindset and Choice

    5 years ago

    Training of the mind needs balance, as well as tolerance and acceptance of others' differences.