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Just because I love books doesn't mean I'm a good writer. Just because I love to draw, doesn't mean I don't cheat by using software which does most of the work. And just because I say I'm always the victim, doesn't mean I am. I might tell you I hate bullies and be the biggest bully around. I might tell you someone raped me when in truth, I was willing and consented. People create delusional worlds when reality is too painful to except. It's called denial. I hope to educate on this topic by writing stories taken from true life events which involve people I know.

A little about me now. I'm a lover of people, God and nature. At age 10 I started a rock collection and loved it so much, I went to collage, studied gemstones and became a Gemologist. Nature carries all the beauty you will ever need, so enjoy it. I'm very outgoing and carry a bell for the Salvation Army - every year without fail. I meet the most interesting people that way. One lady stopped by and put her coins in my bucket - four years in a row. We talk up a storm and I enjoy her visits. Last year I wrapped up a gift and had it waiting for her when she arrived. To my surprise, she gave me one as well. You meet the nicest people when you ring the bell. Anyway, be well and see you around the hubs.

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