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First and foremost, I write about anything that interests me. There is no certain subject that I like more than another. Just know that I will try and open the minds of my readers to the real world around them.
I am a very energetic person and I love teaching people, and striking debates. I may offend some people, but I try to be as unbias as I can be. I am very interested in Sociology, so a lot of my posts will be about people, morality, history, etc.'

I also will likely write a lot about children. Children are beautiful and I want to be an advocate for their rights and help create opportunities for them. I am very involved with helping UNICEF, Children's International, or any program that actually helps children.
I strongly believe that this world can and will be a better lpace for all, if only we teach our kids, and the kids around us the truths about the world and how to shine in theirown personal ways. Each child has a path, and each child can do anything if they are allowed the room to grow and proper guidance from doing good things.

If you like anything that I write, or what I stand for, please follow and share my ideas to others so that the world can know that the New World is coming.

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