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I was born on a spaceship called planet Earth, and now I am traveling across the universe.

I love music (jazz, improvised music, noise), traveling (hitchhiking, couchsurfing), avantgarde movies, fluxus, yoga, New York, Vilnius, to meet and to talk to interesting people, to have fun, reading, writing, good food...

I was born in Germany, lived in Hungary, France and Lithuania, now I became a full time traveler spending several months in Denmark, Estonia, Bulgaria and some other countries, so I don't belong to any country.

I would like to meet people from other planets. I am almost sure that they are watching us, but they don't want to make contacts with stupid earthlings. Why? Are you interested in contacts with neighbours who fight with each other all the time and cannot keep their house in order?

My English is not 100% perfect, my vocabulary is a bit limited, but I hope you enjoy my hubs!

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      • Valentine's Day

        Valentine's Day

        6 years ago

        Sorry, but for me Valentine's Day became another symbol of consumerism. We should show and share our love to humanity and the environment seven days a week, every day and every week like we do it on this...

      • Composition of parliaments

        Composition of parliaments

        7 years ago

        What is more democratic, a parliament composed by elected individuals or individuals representing elected political parties?

      • Living without money

        Living without money

        7 years ago

        Today it is 36 days that I live without money. It is a wonderful feeling to be free and not to depend on the activities of criminals - the banks and the financial system who steal other people's money - and their slaves...

      • How do you travel?

        How do you travel?

        8 years ago

        A tourist is somebody who does not know where he was and whom he met. A traveler is somebody who does not know where he is going to and whom he will meet. I am a 55-year old traveler, and I prefer to hitchhike and to...