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Hello Everyone! I'm Nory. After deciding to be a full-time mom, I can't help but miss the corporate world. Making lenses here in Squidoo is way more fun than others. It's like a hobby with perks. I'm like a broken dam. All the ideas trapped up in my mind is now gushing out. Some may not invite a lot of traffic but I really just want to express my mind and share things to the world.

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  • 10 No-Nos of Gift Giving

    10 No-Nos of Gift Giving

    5 years ago

    The purpose of gift giving is to express your well wishes to the receivers and make them happy. But sometimes the intention is not expressed well because you gave the wrong gift. You might end up causing the opposite...

  • Pregnancy Tips

    Pregnancy Tips

    2 years ago

    For first-time moms, here are some tips that can help you.