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Being a native Greek, I was raised in the mythical world of ancient heroes and the stories of their deeds. My heart was captured, and under their spell I remain to this day. Here are but a few of the secrets hidden in that treasure trove of Greek mythology. Read on!

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  • Top 10 Greek Mythology Stories

    Top 10 Greek Mythology Stories

    13 months ago

    Greek mythology still holds a firm place in academic curricula. As you must have noticed, Greek myths and legends make for some of the most successful movies, books and works of art. They also make good bedtime...

  • Greek Ouzo: Drinking with the Gods

    Greek Ouzo: Drinking with the Gods

    4 years ago

    Ouzo is an alcoholic drink of exclusively Greek origin with a characteristic anise flavour. Age-old techniques are employed for the preparation of the liquor, and the art of its consumption has evolved through time to...