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I am a stay-at-home mom of 5 beautiful children and a published erotic romance author.

I have a dual Associate's degree in Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies. I am totally fascinated by the criminal mind--especially those of serial killers--which is a recurring theme in many of my novels.

Currently, I'm in the midst of writing several full-length erotic thriller novels and a few short stories that I'm hoping to publish here soon. I thrive on constructive critism and look forward to hearing what this wonderful community of fellow writer's has to say.

With a love for life and a desire to laugh several times a day, I am open to making new friends and having a good time.

Feel free to contact me at any time: karaleighmiller@yahoo.com

For more information about what I write, my publications, and buy links, visit my website: www.karaleighmiller.com

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      • Calling all Authors/Bloggers

        Calling all Authors/Bloggers

        5 years ago

        I'm a newly published author of a couple erotic romance ebooks and I'm knee deep in the promotion end of things. The writing and finding a publisher was so much easier. =PAnyway, I'm participating in "The Next Big...

      • I need a time out

        I need a time out

        8 years ago

        Unfortunately, I am going to have to take a time out from this Hub Challenge temporarily...Within the last week, my refrigerator, computer, and TV have all died.  My daughter got head lice (UGH!!) and my son now...

      • I need some direction...

        I need some direction...

        8 years ago

        As much as I love hubpages and I have no intentions of leaving, I need to make some money!  I am looking for some good, honest, sites that will pay me per article--I am NOT looking for any more ad revenue sharing...

      • Kontera vs. Adsense

        Kontera vs. Adsense

        8 years ago

        I have only been here for 5 weeks and have yet to earn anything from Google Adsense.  However, I have earned $1.56 from Kontera.  Is this normal?  Should I expect to make more money from Kontera? ...

      • How to deal with a tricky neighbor??

        How to deal with a tricky neighbor??

        8 years ago

        I have been living in my house for 2 years now and when we first moved in our neighbor immediately introduced herself and we seemed to get along just fine.  We had a rather good neighborly relationship--my husband...

      • How to get traffic??

        How to get traffic??

        8 years ago

        So I am looking to increase my traffic to my hubs and I have read a lot of great hubs about this exact topic.  However, I have noticed that most of them recommend using social networking sites such as Facebook,...

      • Would you say something to a pregnant woman who is drinking alcohol?

        Would you say something to a pregnant woman who is drinking alcohol?

        8 years ago

        I have a friend that is 3 months pregnant and has been drinking alcohol like a fish!  I haven't said anything to her because it is her body, her baby, and her choice.  But I can't help but be angry with her...