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My name is Graham. I am now retired and have been married to Pauline for 48 wonderful years with never a cross word. (If you believe that you'll believe anything :) We hope to make new friends with our hubs, have a few laughs and help a few people along the way. We intend to write on various topics and themes, and hope that you find our efforts interesting. We are both young at heart and treat every day as a new opportunity.

We were in the Ladies Hairdressing business for many years. I was also in the Civil Engineering and Construction business, working In Quality Assurance and Health & Safety. My work took me to Europe many times as well as visits to Southern Ireland. I have also had an interest in the Finance Industry for most of my adult life. We have retained contact with many friends from our past exploits and I am pleased to say that most of them are younger than we are.

We usually holiday in Spain or Majorca. Sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with our grown up family.

Although we are retired one thing is certain. We want to know what's going on out there! So PLEASE leave a comment, that's why we are here after all. Thank you for your visit and Good Luck and Happy Hubbing to everyone.

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      • I'd like feedback on my Hub: Why Be A Nice Guy? Is It Worth It?

        I'd like feedback on my Hub: Why Be A Nice Guy? Is It Worth It?

        6 months ago

        Hi Hubbers,I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my Hub Why Be A Nice Guy? Is It Worth It?. What can I do to improve? Thanks!I do try but I am not fully...

      • Advertising loss.

        Advertising loss.

        4 years ago

        Help please. All ad programme / adsense advertising has disappeared from my hubs. Please can someone advise. All settings are in place and connected.Thank you.Regards.Graham.

      • Editing difficulties.

        Editing difficulties.

        4 years ago

        Hi everyone.Please can someone help me. Several of my hubs seem to have changed their heading. They have all switched to; Education and Science. I click edit when on the hub, it goes to the edit page where it shows the...

      • Text overwriting.

        Text overwriting.

        4 years ago

        Hi everyone. Please help when starting a new hub, only the bottom half of the first line shows. If I carry on the second and third line etc.. simply overwrites the first line. Thank you in advance.Graham.

      • What are the Clinton Chronicles.

        What are the Clinton Chronicles.

        5 years ago

        I am researching Bill Clinton for an article. I have been referred to the Clinton Chronicles. My question is - What are the Clinton Chronicles.

      • Large gap between hub and comment box.

        Large gap between hub and comment box.

        5 years ago

        I have 36 views in 24 hours on one of my hubs 'aunt rosie a tragedy' there is a gap of 8 inches between the end of the hub and the comment box. I have not received 1 comment out of 36 views. It looks as though there is...

      • Contact on display page.

        Contact on display page.

        5 years ago

        On the right hand side of the display page (AS WE ALL KNOW) we show information on rss and widgets. On checking other hubberes I see that there is the line 'contact..........'In my case it should read 'contact old...

      • Starting Hub Problem.

        Starting Hub Problem.

        5 years ago

        When trying to infil new hub details, I keep getting the followig 2 lines in red:  'for this layout, you need to select a hub'' the web address you specified has already been taken, please try another one'What am I...

      • Tags.


        5 years ago

        My tags show as a red disc sporting a white cross. Are they being accepted? or does the cross mean I am doing the job incorrectly. Help please.Best Wishes.

      • display page

        display page

        5 years ago

        Hi everyone. I have seven hubs but only six are showing on my display page. I have to click to the left or the right to get hub seven. Other people have many on the display page of course.Please Help.Best Wishes.

      • Hub comments.

        Hub comments.

        5 years ago

        Please help. I am new to hubpages. I keep getting ''moderate own comment' in my comments column, after I have replied to a comment.Do I click it, what is it please.Best Wishes .Graham.(old albion).