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My children are growing up and becoming more independent, so I'm writing articles about religion, alternative health, organic food and saving money when you buy organic food.

You can read my blogs at http://femalebullies.blogspot.com and at http://churchbullies.blogspot.com/

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      • Distasteful Ads

        Distasteful Ads

        19 months ago

        I haven't seen those distasteful ads on the last few hubs I've visited. Is it possible that they're gone?

      • Question on URL

        Question on URL

        21 months ago

        Does anyone know the URL of that offensive rear end ad that a number of us have complained about? I'd like to block it. Someone must be sponsoring it.

      • In a Headlock With a Moderator?

        In a Headlock With a Moderator?

        23 months ago

        Right now, it feels as if I'm in a headlock with one moderator, over one product capsule.Team Hub Pages suggested I post here for suggestions on improving my hub with the most traffic. it was recently edited and several...

      • My Best Hub Unfeatured

        My Best Hub Unfeatured

        23 months ago

        I just received notice that my hub with the most traffic, which today had 1,541 visits, is now not featured. It recently went through the Hub Pro editing system. One of the changes was to remove the moderate number of...

      • eBay Affiliates

        eBay Affiliates

        2 years ago

        If we sign up for the HP eBay program, does this mean we are now direct eBay affiliates? I'm confused about this.

      • Amazon Sales Details

        Amazon Sales Details

        2 years ago

        Would it be possible to allow us to see if Amazon items are returned? Every time I see a sale here, with the Hub Pages Amazon program, I hold my breath because of the rate of non-shipped items, which is much higher than...

      • Amazon Reporting

        Amazon Reporting

        2 years ago

        On January 30, my account shows that three items were ordered. However, there is no record of them being shipped. Were they returned? This happens, but is there any way to find out? Thanks in advance for your help.

      • RESOLVED: Site errors

        RESOLVED: Site errors

        2 years ago

        Hi Matthew, I am using Chrome, probably the latest version, and twice today I received a message saying the site is now available. One time I saw the message, and then the page did load. My pages are loading very slowly...

      • RESOLVED: Hub Pages very slow loading

        RESOLVED: Hub Pages very slow loading

        3 years ago

        Recently, when I've tried to sign in, I noticed the site was extremely slow loading. I am using Windows and I assume the latest version of Chrome. I can't get a screenshot. Thanks for looking into this.

      • Alt Tags

        Alt Tags

        3 years ago

        Over the last few days, I took Writer Fox's suggestion and began using Alt Tags on some of my photos. (I would have done this sooner, but I focused my efforts elsewhere when there were technical difficulties.) Very...

      • Personal Amazon Links

        Personal Amazon Links

        3 years ago

        I apologize in advance because I know this has been discussed before, but I can't find the thread, even though I've looked. Just for clarification, we can insert two personal Amazon links in our hubs, in addition to the...

      • Switching Back to Amazon

        Switching Back to Amazon

        3 years ago

        How do we switch back to our own Amazon affiliate account if we want to do that? At this point I might want to try going back for a couple of weeks.Thanks so much.

      • Amazon again

        Amazon again

        3 years ago

        Hi Matthew, I think this is the right place to pose this question. In addition to seeing some atypical Amazon activity in my account, I am also unable to consistently put new Amazon products in a hub I want to publish....

      • Amazon


        3 years ago

        Has anyone had any Amazon sales in the last few days? I know figures aren't finalized, but I just wanted to see what others are experiencing. Thanks for your input.

      • Hub Pages Amazon Program

        Hub Pages Amazon Program

        3 years ago

        I just signed up for the Amazon Hub Pages program over the weekend, and when I checked on Monday two sales showed up. Now, there is only one I can see. Is this due to a bug or was the product returned? It was only a...

      • RESOLVED: Brief AM image server issue caused slower load

        RESOLVED: Brief AM image server issue caused slower load

        3 years ago

        Hi Matthew,I've noticed the site is loading slower than usual. I'm using Chrome, but it's doing the same thing with Firefox. I'm not having the same problem with other sites. Also, on one of my unpublished hubs, the...

      • FIXED: Photo capsule image upload problems

        FIXED: Photo capsule image upload problems

        3 years ago

        I realize there is another thread on this issue, but it is now a week old, so that's why I'm starting a new one. Yesterday, for the first time, I was unable to upload photos using Google Chrome. I cleared the browser...

      • Copied Content

        Copied Content

        3 years ago

        Recently, I've noticed that I've been getting less traffic to one of my hubs that was previously my most visited. Sure enough, it's been copied. The prime culprit, I believe, is a Facebook posting in which nearly the...

      • My latest hub isn't featured

        My latest hub isn't featured

        4 years ago

        I just tried to publish my 75th hub, but it didn't make it due to quality issues. This hasn't been a problem with my other hubs. I have no idea what I would need to improve to get it featured. Has anyone else had this...

      • In Thanksgiving

        In Thanksgiving

        4 years ago

        I wanted to express my appreciation for all of the experienced Internet writers who generously help the newcomers and the relative newcomers. There are a few of you, and I wanted to thank you all.

      • Updating my hubs and no Youtube showing

        Updating my hubs and no Youtube showing

        4 years ago

        When updating my hubs to take out excess links and amazon capsules, I noticed that many Youtube videos are not visible. I realize some may have been pulled by the author, but it seems to be happening on just about all...

      • Whoops, my mistake

        Whoops, my mistake

        4 years ago

        Sorry for the confusion. I did find it. Next time I won't past anything until I've had a chance to fully wake up and take a good look at my account.

      • Disappearing Hub?

        Disappearing Hub?

        4 years ago

        I published a hub yesterday and it has disappeared. It's not featured, pending or in need of improvement. It's just gone. I hope it can be found again because I worked very hard on it. Can someone from HP please help.

      • Problem Loading Amazon Capsule

        Problem Loading Amazon Capsule

        4 years ago

        Hi,I am fairly new to HP and now have an active Amazon account. I tried to use this a few times, and all were unsuccessful. Nothing happens when I hit Preview Products (I think that's what the button is called.) Has...