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I live in the clean environs of New Zealand. I have a particular interest in health, spirituality, fitness, and mindbody.

I have read over 200 books related to body and mind.

I am influenced by Dr John Sarno, Dr Bernie Siegel, and many other medical practitioners who have not only accepted but embraced wholeheartedly the role our mind plays in causing and curing diseases.

I am especially fond of evolutionary psychology.

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    • Has this website stolen your hubs too?

      Has this website stolen your hubs too?

      3 years ago

      One of my top ranking hubs is stolen by this website: wellhealthonline dot comLooking at the website, it seems it is built using a content-scrapping software. Which means there must be more high-traffic hubs that may be...

    • CTR down on Adsense?

      CTR down on Adsense?

      3 years ago

      Are you guys noticing any change in CTR of Adsense in the last two weeks - last two weeks of April?  As it is, the CTR on hubs is a bit low, and now I am noticing that the CTR on my hubs is getting even lower....