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  • The Void

    The Void

    4 years ago

    When a sinkhole grows on Maple Street, the residents realize something sinister is living down there wanting to play.

  • I See Dead Man

    I See Dead Man

    4 years ago

    With frozen grimace a man lies face first in the ground, of three passing lanes, arms outstretched. Stationary, he’s frisked by bystanders, glued permanently like an errant cardboard box. I’d never seen a dead man before now as I...

  • Wishing I'd Never Met You

    Wishing I'd Never Met You

    4 years ago

    Let me die a peaceful sleep each words becoming razor blades a slice across my throat spills memories pumping down my chest like drapes, red curtains at the end of the credits, my life rolling with the stars and violin strings plucking my...

  • Picture Perfect Memories

    Picture Perfect Memories

    4 years ago

    I open an album. Ray yaks under my eyelids, as I run from my Korean heritage to a place where oysters and olives insist I open my eyes. I touch moonlight, one finger trailing, following the wooden beam and rocking timber underneath my weight...

  • Inside First Draft

    Inside First Draft

    4 years ago

    A mournful autumn eats me like a mustard seed forgotten cat tossed in a spit of frozen smoke makes up her mind through rough cuts and blind alleys. Cycle me out every draft, even in your mind I’m just a muse, a wild-haired passing ...

  • Bish That Laid Egg

    Bish That Laid Egg

    5 years ago

    I first met Joe in the office of my Richland Real Estate. A dozen employees worked under me, selling houses, making contracts, signing deals, negotiating a fair trade between a buyer and seller for the right amount. I knew each and every one of them...

  • Riding Tatanka

    Riding Tatanka

    5 years ago

    Riding Tatanka The tankers came hauling the silver steel plates by the dozen. They ebbed and flowed, during the night, pumping out sloshing black gold under the acres of land. The crickets chirred, raising their hind legs, dropping, withdrawing,...

  • Kim Jee Woon

    Kim Jee Woon

    5 years ago

    The Last Stand kicks off with a bang, heralding three Korean directors in their first foray into to English speaking films. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger who is the sheriff of Summertown County, where posses of drug cartels are making their escape...

  • Nails of Love

    Nails of Love

    5 years ago

    Two nails enjoyed the company of each other. One was on top of a cement bench, the other resting low to the ground. The one on the upper level had swirls of round spiral imprinted in her glistening hard plate. He, on the other hand, was smooth in...

  • Eye a Marooned Vegetable

    Eye a Marooned Vegetable

    6 years ago

    I imagine waking up one morning in the fields of blue grass and white cushion. I walk to you, tell you secrets of the earth risen from crust. I was once a small child like you, grew in the plot amongst cornfields and grape vines where...

  • Strange Case of Theresa Carr

    Strange Case of Theresa Carr

    6 years ago

    Strange Case of Theresa Carr Albert Kivak I introduced myself as Detective Carr, and I was investigating the murder of my own wife. The psychic led me down the hallway into a furnished workroom, and seated me in a chair, opposite her. She began...

  • He Was Born A Girl

    He Was Born A Girl

    6 years ago

    Don’t delay, come under me in this soil, let the lid fall on us and every light dissipate as phobias and fetishes go hand in hand as this bloated face watches us. Allow her hair to cascade in a tangle with filed nails; from the...

  • Together Forever in the Patient Room

    Together Forever in the Patient Room

    6 years ago

    If rats could speak to my heart and walls could talk an army of queen would flood the areal sacs scratching at the scabbard of my placenta infused skin They chatter we are intrinsically linked together, destined to shimmy up...

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Celebrate Christmas

    5 Reasons Why You Should Not Celebrate Christmas

    6 years ago

    It’s not socially awkward.How many of you had the pain of buying presents for each and every one of your family members who are expecting something of you because they bought you presents not cause of the kindness of their hearts but because...

  • A Missing Child

    A Missing Child

    6 years ago

    Will she come back through the door? Where is she? How is she coping with the cold? We move on, live life without the questions but how can you erase memories etched in your brain like acid that eats away gnawing and chattering...

  • Art of Decomposition

    Art of Decomposition

    6 years ago

    Lord of Sorrows with your deceased breath bubbled tongue and purple throat peak under the hood of this tupperware fields of crayon sun, the silence speaks to the core of my apple valley and rotting husk of my visible scars; a submerged...

  • Grim the Barnaby Rudge

    Grim the Barnaby Rudge

    6 years ago

    The raven conjures up ebony and midnight black, curses and hexes, but besides the dark omen associated with these graceful birds, they are widely popular in literature and perhaps the most famous poem penned by Edgar Allen Poe. Have you ever...

  • I Am My Own Route

    I Am My Own Route

    6 years ago

    The Indian must long for the fertile hunting of days past. Beautiful!!! Voted up. Reminded me of the sad fate of Indians and how their land as taken, not to mention polluted. As part Cherokee, I feel for the Natives of this land we call America. ...

  • A Silver Moon in Dragon's Sky

    A Silver Moon in Dragon's Sky

    6 years ago

    A Silver Moon in Dragon's Sky By Albert Kivak I looked down at the waters below me, an emerald, glimmering ripple, and touched the cross necklace around my neck. Crying, I noticed his reflection gazing back at me with lost cerulean eyes, and...

  • Bearded Lady of West Sussex

    Bearded Lady of West Sussex

    6 years ago

    Joy is a bad bush; she needs a buzz on the sad side, a face-lift of painted face masks sequestered amongst hays and lowing cows. She pinches teats of witch’s milk, squeezing summer between her thighs; drop of lemon-lime and bumblebees...

  • Stir-Fried Walking Dead

    Stir-Fried Walking Dead

    6 years ago

    I walk amongst powder snow the fire reflecting off vinyl glass lens paper trekking on cloud rise scale of saline tropes flights never reaching, as the slow drag of nails across steel bars fall, hundreds of locust beaten butterflies ...

  • The Four Headed Beast

    The Four Headed Beast

    6 years ago

    The Four Headed Beast Lee envisioned herself as a lion tamer. She tamed lions and trusted her instincts. Lions were God’s creatures and they needed to be saved, so to speak. On May 27, when the first grizzled members of the feline cat were...

  • The Delivery Man

    The Delivery Man

    6 years ago

    Doctors clamor to retrieve dying men in hospital beds, waiting for the blood that arrives every night, sink in the drain spinning in clock-wise direction, anti-aging cream unable to stop the hands creeping closer to the crumbling soil. ...

  • Freed At Last

    Freed At Last

    6 years ago

    A sheep in wolf’s clothing, my tongue cuts heart like a double-edged sword, break bones and crush diaphragms words breeds soul like specter-guided algae bloom give life to those who seek hope death to those who turn tail and swim away, ...

  • Secret Snow

    Secret Snow

    6 years ago

    Secret Snow By Albert Kivak DAY 1 The first thought that struck Karen wasn’t a thought at all, but a Chevy Impala that was traveling thirty miles per hour. The car hit her across her hip as she crossed the intersection and she flew in the...

  • Love Is to be Possessed

    Love Is to be Possessed

    6 years ago

    Be one with the earth, naked, endless stream of tears churning its heel and the nettle pines of forest share shadows with my feet; touch mossy rock and damp soil hiding secrets. Crisp air floods my lungs, run along the gravel claws, skin free, the...

  • Death Before Life

    Death Before Life

    6 years ago

    Death plays hide and seek behind gauzy curtains Death wears many fashions, hoodies, and outfits Death is end of all silence, creaking under planks and floorboards Death smirks on our laugh lines and crows feet Death collects the dusts...

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Sex

    Thanksgiving Holiday Sex

    6 years ago

    Thanksgiving Holiday Sex We are the only Asian family in a place called Cuddly Valley, twenty miles from a mountainous area. We live in a sea of evergreen trees and Douglas fir. Coyotes come up and rest their straggly body in our neighbor’s...

  • The Fallen Speared Heart

    The Fallen Speared Heart

    4 years ago

    I keep broken promises as souvenirs in the basement, stacked high, holding dying shells in jars; organs bumping and grinding against clear glass, graying its luster, losing the same markings they've had years before. I hear its whispery...

  • The Burial

    The Burial

    6 years ago

    We merge on the one root of cactus needles and swerve past sixty. Wind blows our hair in the dusty darkness of starlight; And across the median the sentient beams of jaundiced eyes glare in our direction, whistling their humdrum...

  • Stacy's Star

    Stacy's Star

    6 years ago

    I do not particularly like my grandmother—especially when she says, “Let’s go for a walk.” My feet ache, I don’t want to get up; I want to stay right here. “Enough with the games,” she says, “come on. Let’s go.” “Why?” I...

  • The Killing of Andres Ordonez

    The Killing of Andres Ordonez

    6 years ago

    On Sunday, November 4, 2012, on a Lord’s Day, a church member named Andres Ordonez was shot and killed outside his church while attempting to stop a gang member from tagging graffiti on the east side of the building. He stepped out in the waning...

  • The Sting of Guardian's Love

    The Sting of Guardian's Love

    6 years ago

    I am an investment to you and nothing more. You tell me to make millions therefore I shall rake in the cheddar until it becomes melted cheese, stringy, moldy, decomposing, fruit flies settling in the yellow putty to impregnate it with...

  • Trigger Boy

    Trigger Boy

    6 years ago

    Trigger Boy Eric Koppel demanded cash from the bank teller. His ransom note was a collage of magazine letters cut out by his four-years-old daughter, Natalie, who loved Looney Tunes cartoon show. Eric showed the gun that came with the note,...

  • My Sincerest Apology

    My Sincerest Apology

    6 years ago

    Hear my words like peach cuts below the dotted lines sound of scissors lying with lightening breath anger brim over as pail of air, vibrates a staccato fashion stretching the encores that boom over and over; bough bending laughing Queen...

  • Brother's Deathifying Stunt Ends Tragically (A True Story)

    Brother's Deathifying Stunt Ends Tragically (A True Story)

    6 years ago

    Dong Seng My girlfriend, Linda and I were standing in line of Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park, when a pale gaunt boy who looked no more than fifteen approached me from the side, lips moving. I had noticed him queuing in front of us, and,...

  • My Mother's Bathtub

    My Mother's Bathtub

    6 years ago

    Like necks of gazelles at a waterhole her liver spot hands plunge under the hissing faucet and wring the clothes, dishes out a headache to the inside of my shirt. She punches me in the cold crystal lake water, pulling me under as...

  • Four Leaf Fallen Clover

    Four Leaf Fallen Clover

    6 years ago

    Four Leaf Fallen Clover Red. He was seeing red. Red at the world and everything that moved. Daniel Murphy wondered what it meant to be an adult. He was thirty four years old and wondering if he considered himself to be grown up. Was he? He...

  • In the Depth of My Madness

    In the Depth of My Madness

    6 years ago

    Powerful and a great read. Eddy. Holy shite - a combination of Tom Waits, Warren Zevon and Charles Bukowski - and all you!!!!! Can't say I've read too much like this at the Hub and that's what makes it so marvelous - you are a Hub gem and...


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