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The mind is a terrible thing to taste!!

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  • I think I'm part Cherokee

    I think I'm part Cherokee

    20 months ago

    A lot of very white people with Southern roots always seem to be claiming that they have a native American ancestor in their family tree. If you're going to say it, might as well prove it.

  • Evolution theory doesn't make sense.

    Evolution theory doesn't make sense.

    4 years ago

    Of the many fields of science which I am in agreement with there are a few questionable things which always seem to take the forefront of the political and social infrastructure. Such controversies have arisen...

  • Family history part 4

    Family history part 4

    4 years ago

    James William Dockery Born in 1768, Died in 1855 (Cherokee,NC) He had six children all living around the county of Buncombe. James married a woman by the name of Nancy, he is the oldest Dockery mentioned in the...

  • Family History Collections

    Family History Collections

    3 months ago

    Between 1845 and 1852 there was a famine which spread throughout the farmlands of Ireland. An outbreak known as "blight" or Phytophthora infestans attacked the soil and left most of the potato crops uneatable....