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P. A. Kenney is Peter Kenney, born and raised in Boston but in his thirtieth year living on Cape Cod. Peter spent most of his working life in various aspects of carpentry and woodworking with occasional stints as a talk radio host, writer, consultant and social commentater. In his public access television persona, The Great Gadfly, he has toasted and roasted public officials and others since 1992. He also was the first to reveal the sordid past of Glenn Marshall, ousted chairman of the tribal council of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe of Cape Cod. It was Peter's work that caused Marshall to resign. Marshall, a convicted rapist, is currently serving a four and a half year sentence in federal prison for various despicable crimes against his tribe.

His father, a Boston high school teacher, instilled in him a love of searching for what lies beneath the surface of life around us. To this day he remembers the "old man's" principle maxim...."THINK!" Politically agnostic and vaguely Roman Catholic Peter is comfortable with the notion that he is not the center of the universe but unwilling to go through life as a spectator.

He has two older brothers, one ex-wife and one late ex-wife as well as five grown children who think they do not like him. A veteran of too many rugby football games, a few years of mountaineering, a few high rise construction projects, making furniture for the White House and the United Nations, several years of high end residential construction (that means working outside during Cape Cod winters) the occasional motorcycle and fast car as well as the riotous world of Boston politics Peter does not bruise easily. He was educated primarily in philosophy and world religions, and life.

Peter's current crusade is to stop the ill-conceived and completely fraudulent Cape Wind project which would seize twenty-five square miles of Nantucket Sound for private profit. The political intrigue of this scheme is fascinating, often hard to believe.

For Peter. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, but little things do matter. Did I forget to mention, part of my education was by Jesuits....and it shows.

DISCLAIMER: I have recently signed a marketing agreement with a manufacturer of modular nuclear power plants (25MW each), Hyperion Power Generation, LLC. This in no way affects my position on wind power as the two technologies are in no way competing with each other in any market. Also, I am actively engaged as a consultant and planner/project manager for distributed power installation of phootvoltaic energy (solar power). This, too, does not affect my view of wind power as solar and wind are very different energy technologies with different siting, environmental, permitting and economic aspects.

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