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  • Why I'm Done With HubPages

    Why I'm Done With HubPages

    4 months ago

  • The Outlines Of An Open Mind

    The Outlines Of An Open Mind

    14 months ago

    When it comes to extraordinary or outrageous notions, one of the most common counsels is to “keep an open mind.” In principle, it's sound advice. After all, one cannot truly know if one's own position

  • The Disconfirmed Deity

    The Disconfirmed Deity

    23 months ago

    Conventional wisdom has long presumed the impossibility of 'disproving' the existence of God. But the longer I contemplate it, the more I wonder about our common approaches to the question, and the more I suspect that...

  • The Creation Conundrum

    The Creation Conundrum

    23 months ago

    It's a popular axiom among atheists that the best way to expand our ranks is to encourage more people to read the Bible. The Genesis story alone -- at its core, just as fantastic and absurd as every other creation myth...

  • Atheist Boogeymen - Part 2: Joseph Stalin

    Atheist Boogeymen - Part 2: Joseph Stalin

    23 months ago

    With regard to “atheist boogeymen,” there are always two necessary questions: First, was the person actually an atheist? Second, did his supposed atheism motivate his atrocities? Unlike in the case of Adolf Hitler...

  • Josephus & The Baker's Dozen

    Josephus & The Baker's Dozen

    23 months ago

    In debates over the historicity of Jesus, one name that invariably appears is that of Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian who made references to him in his writing (decades after Jesus supposedly died). What is NOT...

  • Atheist Boogeymen - Part 1: Adolf Hitler

    Atheist Boogeymen - Part 1: Adolf Hitler

    22 months ago

    In debates over religious faith and morality, examples of humanity's greatest monsters are routinely offered to demonstrate the supposed “evils” of atheism, apparently in the mistaken presumption that someone so...

  • Suffer The Children (2)

    Suffer The Children (2)

    22 months ago

    The stories they DON'T tell you in church!

  • Ten Things You THOUGHT You Knew About The Bible

    Ten Things You THOUGHT You Knew About The Bible

    8 months ago

    It's often said that the best way to make more atheists is to get more people to read the Bible, as there is such a stark difference between what people commonly THINK it says and what it ACTUALLY says. For example: ...

  • Daniel's Chronological Clutter

    Daniel's Chronological Clutter

    23 months ago

    Skeptics often recognize the numerous contradictions, inconsistencies, redundancies and factual inaccuracies in the Bible. But criticizing the Bible's sloppy and confusing literary composition is much more subjective,...

  • The Paradox Of Hell

    The Paradox Of Hell

    23 months ago

    For reasonable, rational people, a notion like Hell is too horrifying and overwhelming to fully contemplate. Hence, one would presume it to pose an insurmountable moral and logical hurdle for those whose faith includes...

  • The Missing Messiah

    The Missing Messiah

    23 months ago

    "I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour" -- Isaiah 43 In Christianity, the Bible is essentially a two-volume text. The first is the Old Testament, where God establishes the rules in an...

  • Gödel's Ontological Failure

    Gödel's Ontological Failure

    18 months ago

    In 2013 a pair of computer researchers reportedly "verified" an ontological theorem* proposed by the late mathematician Kurt Gödel. Predictably, the media irresponsibly hailed this event as science "proving" Gödel's...

  • Another Likely Story

    Another Likely Story

    23 months ago

    It's a lovely summer afternoon. After a hard day's work, you're settling down into your favorite easy chair, getting ready to groan through the evening news and contemplate your dinner when you hear a loud knock on the...

  • God Is Dead...And I Killed Him

    God Is Dead...And I Killed Him

    23 months ago

    All my life, I had been a believer of the casual sort, with occasional visits to church and Sunday school but no real sense of commitment. As I approached the age of thirty, I suddenly decided to dedicate myself more...

  • Isaiah 53:  It's Not Who You Think

    Isaiah 53: It's Not Who You Think

    5 months ago

    For Christian believers, the Old Testament book of Isaiah is a treasure-trove of Jesus prophecies, and chapter 53 (including the last three verses of chapter 52) is perhaps the most popular of all. At first glance, the...

  • Immanuel CAN'T: Another Bogus Biblical Prophecy

    Immanuel CAN'T: Another Bogus Biblical Prophecy

    5 months ago

    When it comes to defending the Bible, nothing is more appealing to believers than prophecies, and one of the most widely quoted is Isaiah chapter 7, verse 14: "...Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and...

  • Ten Clues Your Religion Might Be BS

    Ten Clues Your Religion Might Be BS

    23 months ago

    For those who've spent a lifetime embracing a particular religious creed, it may be difficult to understand how anyone else could find it wanting. However, if you can see your own religion reflected in the following...

  • You Can't Save An Atheist

    You Can't Save An Atheist

    23 months ago

    Let's begin this hub with a short little quiz. According to the Bible, which of the following people CANNOT get into Heaven? (a) Adolph Hitler (genocidal warmonger) (b) Father John Geoghan (serial child molester) (c)...

  • Ten Steps To Becoming An Atheist

    Ten Steps To Becoming An Atheist

    23 months ago

    Of all the roads we travel in life, one of the most important is that which beckons us to truth. It is a journey without end, yet impossible to navigate without honesty, integrity and commitment. Among the many steps...

  • Malfeasance In The Garden Of Eden

    Malfeasance In The Garden Of Eden

    5 months ago

    Consider for a moment a tragic hypothetical situation: A one-year old toddler is left alone with a loaded gun while his father runs an errand. On the way out the door, the father instructs the boy to not touch the...

  • Which Ten Commandments?

    Which Ten Commandments?

    5 months ago

    We all the know the story of the Ten Commandments: Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt to Mount Sinai, where God gives him his rules carved into two stone tablets. Moses descends from the mountain, finds his...

  • Religion Is Everywhere

    Religion Is Everywhere

    23 months ago

    Some time ago, a believer (a fellow American) insisted to me in his hub that there has been an "almost total removal from our society of anything that mentions God." After I raised my jaw back up from the floor, he then...

  • Ten Reasons To NOT Believe In God

    Ten Reasons To NOT Believe In God

    23 months ago

    Just as there is no way to definitively prove that God exists, there is no way to prove that he doesn't.* Interpretations of the available physical evidence will always be subject to personal bias. Critical examination...

  • Who's The Better Reagan?

    Who's The Better Reagan?

    22 months ago

    The year 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birthday. There is no one more revered in the conservative iconography than Reagan, and perhaps no one currently more reviled by hard-core conservatives than...

  • Tax Myth Number One

    Tax Myth Number One

    4 months ago

    In contemplating a title for this hub, which is about one of the pervasive myths regarding the United States income tax, I eventually recognized that there are so many myths and misconceptions regarding taxes that I...

  • America's Great Secular Experiment

    America's Great Secular Experiment

    6 years ago

    There are many believers in the United States who insist that America is a "Christian nation."  Usually, this is coupled with the assertion that the country was founded upon the principles of Christianity or, at the...