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I'm a freelance writer, retired social worker, webmaster and real estate investor. The human mind intrigues me, society amazes me and the world astonishes me, so I write about these things as I analyze and learn.

HubPages is a great place to write and make extra money, if you'd like to join you can do that here:


I also write a blog on Blogger if you want to read my editorial pieces.


I'm also on facebook if you send me a friend request please send a note telling me who you are and how you met me.

Pamela N Red

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      • Removing Copied Content

        Removing Copied Content

        3 years ago

        Someone here at HubPages has copied one of my articles. It was actually HubPages that added a copyright symbol letting me know. I flagged and notified HubPages of this but the story is still up. Why would I have to file...

      • Removing Copyright Symbol

        Removing Copyright Symbol

        3 years ago

        Does anyone know how to get the copyright symbol removed from a title? I had one of my hubs copied twice and have made the perpetrators take down my work but now my article still shows a copyright symbol next to the...

      • Wikipedia stealing articles

        Wikipedia stealing articles

        4 years ago

        I discovered today that the German Wikipedia (Wikiversity) stole one of my articles so you may want to check and see if they have any of your work. The aggravating thing is that I have a Google Alert set up for that...

      • Is there an issue with video links?

        Is there an issue with video links?

        5 years ago

        I had several exclamation points this morning for some of my videos but when I went and checked they seem to be working fine. Just wondering if it's a bug in the system.

      • Comments Font Size

        Comments Font Size

        5 years ago

        Yay, I can see my comments without getting out my magnifying glass!I thought at first it was me but have seen a few other Hubbers mentioning how hard it was to see our comments as we typed them. Thank you Hub Team for...

      • Analyzing Viewer Duration

        Analyzing Viewer Duration

        5 years ago

        I have seen many places where people discuss the amount of time people are viewing our articles. I am a writer first and foremost so technical stuff boggles my mind. I typically have to have step by step instructions in...

      • Opening Links In A New Tab

        Opening Links In A New Tab

        5 years ago

        It would be a nice feature if when we click on a link it opened in a new window. Most other websites do this. The main reason it is helpful is that HubPages still remains open giving a longer view time as well as...

      • Why can't I stop following a person?

        Why can't I stop following a person?

        6 years ago

        I clicked on the follow box to unfollow but I'm still getting this guy's articles and comments in my feed. He posts like four times a day and my feed is full of his stuff. I can't see hardly anything else.

      • Gynecological Exams

        Gynecological Exams

        6 years ago

        It would be nice if when people ask a question you could answer it more than once. My reason is that sometimes a person gives a bad answer and someone needs to let the OP and anyone else who might be reading know that...