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Parrster aspires to living and loving like Christ. Among his varied other writing interests, he aims to create good stories, with a Christian twist. He currently resides with wonder-wife (of 27 years) and children in the sunny state of Queensland, Australia.

You can read my books here: http://raparr.yolasite.com/

My ten most read and/or commented Hubs this month are:

Build a Go-Kart or Off-road Buggy

Blocked Drain? Whatever you do, Don't swallow!

Hypochondriacs step-by-step guide to illness

Star Wars Clone Trooper Costume

Big Questions of Life: Has God Spoken?

The Beatitudes: Blessed are the Pure

Remote Control 4WD. The Vaterra Twin Hammers Review

Are you being poisoned by toxic substances; chemicals; pollutants; industrial waste contaminants.

Are you sure about that? Ultimate brain teaser

Medieval Music

I currently have four books available to read on Hub Pages:

1. Terror's Child - For those that enjoy a a good contemporary Christian drama with a dash of action and romance.

2. Truth to Tell - A deceptively honest tale of a man faced with a horrible dilemma; to confess his most secret sin or lose the life of a loved one.

3. The Azure Ancient - for lovers of fantasy adventure. A tale of an Elfin empire at the crossroads of annihilation.

4.The Prodigal King - An unappreciated birthright cannot always be escaped, and challenges confront he that tries.

Some Super Hubbers I've come across, in no particular order:

steesily - One of those people you just wish you could get to know in person, simply delightful.

UlrikeGrace - A true daughter-of-encouragement

ACSutliff - One of the most talented writers on HP

kaltopsyd - Writes authoritatively on many subjects

lmmartin - the 'how to write better' guru

myownworld - one of the most poignant writers I've read

ahostagesituation - Love her writing style, her wisdom and her wit

And many more...

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