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Hai! I'm just a young'un who enjoys writing and occasionally has a strange thought to share with others (or plague, depending on your point of view). I'm more or less double majoring in Comparative World Lit and Classics. In between now and that degree, I'm working on learning things to assist professors in excavations in Greece.

One of my biggest fears is showing my writing to other people so hubpages has become a sort of immersion therapy. I put my stuff out there, random strangers possibly look at it and tut-tut or hoo-raw, and hopefully give me some feedback.

My OTHER big passion is in the land of video games. I've played them since I was small and I feel it would be wrong not to at least try to get others to share in the fun. I've noticed many things over the long years of playing online games and I've also noticed some of the confusion from non-gamers. So I finally got the idea to try and explain just what goes on in those dark rooms at 4 am, screaming into headsets at complete strangers, and all those other fun stuff.

Constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated~