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  • Google AdWords & AdSense - an introduction

    Google AdWords & AdSense - an introduction

    8 years ago

    Google's informal (infernal?) motto is 'Don't be evil'. Opinions vary as to how well they're doing. Though this benevolent dictator has deemed me terminally evil for one purpose (AdSense), I've lately found I'm not too evil for another (AdWords). ...

  • Terms of Business

    Terms of Business

    10 years ago

    When I founded the Empire, payment terms gave me more grief than my quest for clients. It was only my mentors' patient advice that helped me resolve this angst and realise the world of business isn't always fair. In these present interesting...

  • 4


    10 years ago

    When I read the quote for my new website, I got a fright. It said something like 'pictures not included'. Last time I worked in a creative studio, clients were charged up to $150 per picture (pic). I needed nine. Fortunately, much has changed in...

  • The Blue Boat

    The Blue Boat

    10 years ago

    When I worked for ad agencies, I heard of a client-wrangling device called 'the blue boat'. Though I never saw it in action, this wicked concept delighted my dark side. Have a read and see what you think ... If a studio thought a client was going...

  • Photos of Yellow

    Photos of Yellow

    8 years ago

    I like yellow, but find it harder to photograph than other colours. This lens is designed help me get better while entertaining you. Once you go walking with a camera and a goal, it's amazing what you find (and where). I hope you enjoy the...

  • Payment Terms

    Payment Terms

    10 years ago

    When I founded the Empire, payment terms gave me more grief than my quest for clients. It was only my mentors' patient advice that helped me resolve this angst and realise the world of business isn't always fair. In these present interesting times,...

  • Business Tenders

    Business Tenders

    10 years ago

    Large, lucrative (especially government) tenders can seem the holy grail of business. Get one and you're set. Bidding for tenders, however, is tricky. In addition to the myriad draconian requirements of the fat tender document itself, there are...

  • Business Tax Deductions

    Business Tax Deductions

    10 years ago

    Another Squidoo lens by Paul Hassing. Over the years, I've peppered my accountant with (mostly outrageous) questions about what I can legally claim against my business income to minimise my tax. My learnings are summarised below. Even better,...

  • feedback to the future

    feedback to the future

    10 years ago

    I often say criticism is the surest, shortest path to excellence. I always ask clients for feedback when delivering work, but I only realised on my weekend away that I seldom seek it afterwards via follow up. I now see that I'm doing my clients a...

  • Murphy's War

    Murphy's War

    10 years ago

    Another Squidoo lens by Paul Hassing. Murphy's War was a good book and a great film. With Peter O Toole on board, it couldn't be much else. This lens is a quick introduction to the work. See what you think! Why is it so appealing? Some films have...

  • Photos of Red

    Photos of Red

    8 years ago

    I like red things. How about you? Buoyed by kind comments from readers of my other photo lenses (links below), I'm tabling my red photos. Here they are, for your utility and pleasure. Check back often, as this hot collation is sure to fire! dead...

  • Photos of Words

    Photos of Words

    8 months ago

    Photos of words. That's it. Read on!

  • Why You Need A Copywriter

    Why You Need A Copywriter

    8 years ago

    Every communication builds or erodes your brand. There's no middle ground. Rather than TELL you why you need a professional copywriter for your communications, I'm going to SHOW you. With realio trulio photos from the field. Enjoy these blunders....

  • Photos of Blue

    Photos of Blue

    10 years ago

    I'm very fond of blue. And you? Buoyed by kind comments from readers of my other photo lenses, I've decided to table all my blue shots. Here they are, for your utility and pleasure. Check back often, as this collection is sure to grow! photo blue...

  • Photos of Green

    Photos of Green

    10 years ago

    I'm greatly attracted to green things. How about you? Buoyed by kind comments from readers of my other photo lenses, I'm tabling all my green shots. Here they are, for your utility and pleasure. Check back often, as this verdant collection is sure...

  • Photos of Portals

    Photos of Portals

    12 years ago

    One door closes, another opens. Or not. When I see an interesting portal, I photograph it. Here are my best portal photos, assembled for you to peruse and ponder. Some are whimsical. Some are fun. And some are even haunting. I hope you enjoy this...

  • Photos of Letters

    Photos of Letters

    8 years ago

    I've had heaps of fun photographing numbers (see link below). Now I'm trying my hand at letters. My latest find is below, followed by all photos to date in, um, alphabetical order. Let me know what you think! photo letter M Mcdonalds art deco...

  • My Early Life

    My Early Life

    11 years ago

    This lens is a test bed for some new things I'm trying. It's therefore very much a work in progress. If it works, it could turn out rather special. Meanwhile, please forgive the mess! :) [Here are a few extra lines, to satisfy the new Squidoo...

  • Jack Russell Terrier

    Jack Russell Terrier

    9 years ago

    Another Squidoo lens by Paul Hassing. Graham the Jack Russell Terrier (on the right) is a girl doggie. We got the name before we got the dog. But she has adapted well and lives a full, happy life with her daughter Omaha (left). From a pedigree...

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    8 years ago

    This lens contains questions and answers about blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media (Web 2.0) applications. My clients are getting very interested in this stuff. Rather than repeat myself 100 times, I've created this lens so they...

  • Copywriting Tips

    Copywriting Tips

    10 years ago

    This lens contains questions and answers on writing, editing and proofreading. My clients have taught me much over the years. And vice versa. I've created this resource so they (and you) can learn at leisure. At this stage, I'm just posting...

  • Mission Statements

    Mission Statements

    5 years ago

    Another Squidoo lens by Paul Hassing. I'm a business communications copywriter. Last quarter, two clients asked me to optimise their mission, vision and values (MVV) statements. Here's what I learned from the process. Every communication builds...

  • Poems by Paul Hassing

    Poems by Paul Hassing

    10 years ago

    Here you'll find a collection of poems I've written over the years. Most were created at times of intense emotion: love, fear, grief, anger - you know the drill! The full spectrum of human emotion, wrought in words. I hope you enjoy them and...

  • Photo


    10 years ago

    A wide range of original, artistic digital photographs captured by Paul Hassing. A description accompanies each image to help you appreciate the world like never before! These varied shots showcase the range and power of the fabulous new Panasonic...

  • Backup


    10 years ago

    I usually spend hours perfecting these lenses, but today I'm not feeling at all well. I've also got some crushing work deadlines. What's more, my brilliant IT guys have prepared my new website ahead of time and they're waiting for my fresh words...

  • Self Employment

    Self Employment

    10 years ago

    Contrary to TV nirvana, family affairs can be vexed. And when children choose different paths to their parents', the relative thickness of blood doesn't stint its flow. This has been a big issue for my small business. I'm keen to know if you...

  • Building a Business Website

    Building a Business Website

    10 years ago

    Today I commissioned a $2500, scorched-earth rebuild of my entire business website. I expected a faint pang of apprehension at this point; now that it's here, I'm downright scared. I've written dozens of sites for clients, but this is different. ...

  • Product Recall

    Product Recall

    10 years ago

    Poison pet food. Faulty car brakes. Flammable fans. If a customer found a potentially lethal problem with your product, would you want to know? If so, how badly? One might think such information would be highly prized. But is it? Six months ago...

  • Improve Your Business

    Improve Your Business

    10 years ago

    However much you love your business, familiarity can deaden your senses to its merits and flaws. To optimise your operation, therefore, the unbiased eyes of first-time visitors are an essential (and inexpensive) tool. Here are some handy lessons...

  • Overworked


    10 years ago

    Easter's coming. I think. Apart from the buns I can't tell. I work six days every week; seven if I can get away with it. This makes each day pretty much like the next. Weekends mean rising at seven instead of six. Public holidays mean my wife's...

  • Work Life Balance

    Work Life Balance

    10 years ago

    This is another small business owner post from Paul Hassing. Some people hate their work. Some like it, but seek to balance it with life. For others, work and play are one. I imagine the third group is happiest and healthiest, but I'd like to...

  • Photos of Numbers

    Photos of Numbers

    8 years ago

    I'm hunting every number from 1 to 100. It's great fun, and it's improving my photography skills. My latest find is below, followed by all shots so far in numeric order. I have a few doubles. Your vote in my polls will help me decide which pics to...

  • Leverage


    10 years ago

    I'm mighty impressed with my client, Naomi Oakley, from U-NOME Security Services. When she got on national television the other week, she chased up the footage and got her IT boffin to put it front and centre on her website. Though the word...

  • Make The Most of Change

    Make The Most of Change

    10 years ago

    As we live these interesting times, it's important to watch what we read, think and do. For our thoughts and deeds greatly impact our business and personal affairs. Don't believe me? Read this true tale! For ten years I've walked my dogs on the...

  • Business Directory Scam

    Business Directory Scam

    10 years ago

    Recently my friend thwarted a costly deceit from a corporate reference book publisher. I tell the tale in case they try the same stunt on your business. [Looks like The System wants me to add another line. Here it is!] Pat from the publisher...

  • Stop Unsolicited Faxes

    Stop Unsolicited Faxes

    10 years ago

    Pythagoras said, 'In anger we should refrain both from speech and action'. Someone else said, 'Never send a message in anger'. But they never had to struggle from sleep, stumble down the hall and switch their printer to fax mode - just to receive...

  • Learn to Lead

    Learn to Lead

    10 years ago

    This is a simple, proven guide for those who have been, will be or wish to be promoted. It's been said that if you walk with two people, you should be able to teach one and learn from the other. This dual talent is the hallmark of a leader. But...

  • World's Best Muesli

    World's Best Muesli

    10 years ago

    Muesli: it's hard enough to eat; how hard is it to make? Here's a quick small business owner's guide - inspired by the triumphs and travails of Australian foodie Flip Shelton. The story is true. And the muesli is delicious. Let's eat! Wait until...

  • Bookkeeping


    10 years ago

    I don't use MYOB. I have other software, having seized a one-year-free deal without knowing what it meant. I now pay for updates each year that cost more than the original program. Worse, I chose a version to handle five staff, who all had to go...

  • Twitter Truths

    Twitter Truths

    10 years ago

    Having clocked two years and 16,000 followers on Twitter, I felt I should report my learnings. At first I thought I'd just cover basic stuff (e.g. who to follow, how to list, behaviours to avoid). Then I realised Twitter 'truths' were far more...

  • Speaking English

    Speaking English

    10 years ago

    I owe my existence to migration, so I'm a fan. From potatoes to pine trees, monoculture is neither robust nor interesting. I think Australia is lucky in its multiculturalism. That said, I'd like to talk language. Being of Mexican-American and...

  • Trophy Wife

    Trophy Wife

    8 months ago

    As a young man of limited means and charm, I thought I had no hope of marrying a trophy wife. However, Fortune smiled on me one day and I received the chance to pursue and marry the woman of my dreams. This lens contains tips and information to help you do likewise.

  • Fran The Feral Faerie

    Fran The Feral Faerie

    8 years ago

    This is a short treatment for a book I plan to write. It tumbled out of me one day, fast & clear, like a stream. It was great fun to link all the corporate jargon I'd encountered to in my HR career to the ephemeral world of the wee folk. The...

  • Australian Rules Football

    Australian Rules Football

    10 years ago

    I used to like Australian Rules Football (Aussie Rules Footy) but now I don't. By not liking the game or having a favourite team, I was able to record elements of a grand final event at Collingwood's Victoria Park home ground with dispassion. Fans...

  • Sole Trader Christmas Party

    Sole Trader Christmas Party

    8 years ago

    I work alone from my home office. Running your own business is great, but it can make you a bit paranoid. Last year was tough and, as my only employee, I really carried the can. When December came, I felt a party was needed to reward effort and...

  • Courtyard Garden

    Courtyard Garden

    10 years ago

    At only 4 m x 6 m, our courtyard garden is tiny. But Nature can cram a lot of drama into a small space! Over the last ten years, I've recorded the trials and triumphs of the many things that have lived in or visited this little corner of the world. ...

  • Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing

    9 years ago

    Unearthed during freeway excavations, this well-preserved site is of incalculable archaeological significance to fly fishers and laypeople alike. This lens illustrates a field trip to the site by dilettante Team Leader Paul Hassing and his fearless...

  • Cartoon Sheep

    Cartoon Sheep

    8 months ago

    A gallery of original, offbeat, surreal sheep (and other) cartoons. Great entertainment for the whole family (except the kids).

  • Jeparit


    8 months ago

    The small country town of Jeparit is a fascinating Australian location, rich in history but dying of thirst. Though Jeparit is the birthplace of Australia's longest serving Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, Jeparit is suffering chronic and acute...

  • Copywriter Confessions

    Copywriter Confessions

    10 years ago

    Council money is ratepayer money; our money. I've found a way to save Australian local councils a total of six million dollars per year, every year, forever. That's six million bucks of extra trees, bike paths, meals on wheels, youth centres, child...


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