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PBody5205 profile image


Joined 7 years ago




Also follow me on:

I'd say that I'm a writer, but the only things that I've ever published are words that I've typed into a box that has a little "submit" button underneath (just like the one I'm typing in now). I have had some success here on HubPages, where I get around 1,500 hits a day to my articles there is something missing. I want to "see my name on the shelf" in the bookstore where I work evenings part time because the "real" job doesn't pay the bills. You know, the one that I got after I bought the piece of paper from Western Michigan University saying that I'm qualified to work a 9 to 5. Maybe someday, while working my second job at the bookstore, my book will be in the stacks of books that I reshelve after "customers" are finished spilling coffee on and damaging before they decide not to buy them. dream.

If you are looking to get started with writing online and trying to earn some money, you have come to the right place. Every Hubber writes about their experience on HubPages and provides their "insight" into "making money online" so there are countless Hubs on how you are going to get rich quick by writing a few words and pairing it with a fine photo of you and your cat. I think the only reason we all have at least one of those Hubs is because HubPages provides us with such an interesting and simple opportunity that we can all grasp the concept of how it works, but few of us actually understand it. Feel free to read my article on how I use HubPages to pay a bill at the end of every month.

I write on a variety of topics including fantasy football, sports, zoos, aquariums, bars, resturants, and I have an extensive collection of guides for the Facebook game Dragons of Atlantis. I also have a blog about DoA here.

My current projects include writing about Blizzard's Diablo 3 game and how to make real money by selling in game items and gold. I have a blog dedicated to my efforts called Diablo 3 Profits. Also, check out my hubs that focus on making money in Diablo 3.

All in all, HubPages is a great place to learn and give yourself an excuse to write.

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    • Getting Started on mTurk

      Getting Started on mTurk

      3 years ago

      Hello,I recently wanted to take the qualification test on mTurk to rate hubs, but I'm running into an issue.  I read all of the FAQ and material and decided that I didn't have enough time to go through the test at that time.  Then when I tried to go in tonight and accept the first hit, it...

    • August Payments sent

      August Payments sent

      4 years ago

      When will this month's payments be released?  Usually they come out on the 28th, but since it is a Saturday should we expect payouts on Monday?Thanks!

    • Do you make real money from Runescape, Second Life, or other MMOs?

      Do you make real money from Runescape, Second Life, or other MMOs?

      5 years ago

      Do you make real money from Runescape, Second Life, or other MMOs?With Diablo 3 on the horizon and Blizzard's attempt allow players to sell items and gold for real money, I'd be interested to hear if anyone is currently making real money from gaming outside of writing guides here on HubPages.

    • 1099 Forms

      1099 Forms

      6 years ago

      Has anyone received their 1099 from Hubpages yet?

    • HubPages Ad Program Payment Date

      HubPages Ad Program Payment Date

      6 years ago

      I reached the $50 threshold for the HubPages Ad Program payout last month and I was wondering when I should expect the payment to show up in my PayPal account.  Any ideas?  I realize it's a holiday weekend, but since this is my first time getting a payout I wanted to know when to expect...

    • ESPN Streak for the Cash

      ESPN Streak for the Cash

      7 years ago

      I'm thinking of trying to get back into ESPN's Streak for the Cash and since a new month starts on Tuesday, it's a perfect time.  I'm going to be getting an iPhone in like two weeks...which will make selecting my picks a lot easier as I will not have to be by a computer to do it, but I figured...

    • Animal Hubs...let me know how they look

      Animal Hubs...let me know how they look

      7 years ago

      I'm planning on doing a bunch of hubs on the zoo that I worked for until just recently, so before I get too far into this venture...let me know how my first two look. … r-Park-Zoo … r-Park-ZooAlso, are these...

    • New here, saying Hi

      New here, saying Hi

      7 years ago

      Hey everyone,I joined Hubpages a while ago but have just recently started exploring and writing my own hubs.  It seems there is an awesome community here and I thought I'd introduce myself to all of you before I got too much further into my HP experience.My interests include zoos and...