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Fall In Love With Life. Explore. Dream. Discover. 11:11*<3 :) Remember Who You Are ^^ :.I Am.: Down To Earth & On Another Planet Spirit Trapped In Human Form Transcending Limitations Everything & Nothing Always Different Never the Same The Beginning The End An Experience A Moment Incomprehensible Indescribable Infinite Love Peace Harmony **I Am Another You** :.I <3.: Everything That: Brings A Smile To My Face Makes Me Laugh & Sometimes Cry. Beauty In The Unusual & Nature's Glory. Seeing The Goodness In The Bad Small, Meaningful Things In Life The Non-Material World Being Touched Within Feeling The Oneness Knowing More Experiencing Connecting Optimism Moments Positivity Thinking Giving Being Loving **Truth To Our Daily Lived Illusion & Lies** :.I Hate.: Anything That Takes Away My Liberty Negative Things In Any Form The Human Ego Materialism Hating **Seeing People Blinded By Religion, Media, Government, Money, Lies & Power.. People Who Can't Think For Themselves, Narrow-mindedness** :.I Fear.: **Fear Itself For Everything Is Just A Projection & Manifestation Of Our Inner Thoughts & Emotions Even If We Are Unaware Of It And Choose To Deny It** :.I Cant Wait.: **To See How Every Moment Of Life Unfolds & The Meanings Behind Every Detail, Every Experience, Moment & Feeling**

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  • How to Get a Six Pack Fast

    How to Get a Six Pack Fast

    10 days ago

    You’re doing cardiovascular and abdominal training until you’re blue in the face but your abs are still looking like flabs? Stop wasting your time by over doing those typical abdominal crunches.

  • How to Lose Weight in 2018

    How to Lose Weight in 2018

    10 days ago

    Hormones control every aspect of weight loss, whether you are a man or a woman! Hormones determine where you store fat on your body as well as your cravings and appetite for food.

  • Does My Pole Dancing Offend You?

    Does My Pole Dancing Offend You?

    2 weeks ago

    When you mention that you are a pole dancer, most people are quick to assume the usual taboo scenarios of dim lights and seductive silhouettes in high heels. I'm here to change public perceptions.

  • Migraines and Spiritual Awakening

    Migraines and Spiritual Awakening

    2 weeks ago

    How spiritual awakening causes migraines and what you can do to relieve them.