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Imran Khan (pen promulgates)

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Imran - A socialite successful in Anthropology and Counseling.

I am a show host who loves to talk!

I am a freelance writer whose niche are 'Why and How' articles, 'Human nature,' 'communication,' and 'self improvement.' I love to write fascinating facts about people and what we face in life. I write what is known as real experiences, apparent In the light of events that I encounter. So, you can consider my articles as authentic, and they can prove useful to your friends, family, and known people.

I am always enthusiastic to trigger quality in lives of all. Enthusiasm is compulsive. I once kept my id as 'Boy-Enthusiastic' too.. He He

It's a great pleasure to enrich experiences of people through thoughts, talks, contributions, influences, and examples.

The relief seen in the ones who trust you and your counsel is very satisfying.

What I believe is communication helps!

So talk and unburden: doubts, misgivings, prejudice and become optimistic, well read, and Confident.

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