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Hello and greetings from the tree-packed, chipper streets of New Hampshire!
My name is Peregrine, and I reside in the small town of Milford, where things always seem to tip the balance of very boring or teeming with excitement.
As a 19 year-old in a fastly paced world, I find it important to write about the good and quiet things we face at all ages, what I happen upon, and what others see as well. In a day and age of downing coffee and patching ourselves up, it's always relieving to sit down and read the more subtly sweet things in life.
From conventions, all the way to types of cats, I hope that my articles are a fun and relaxing read for you!

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  • Videogames and Personal Progression

    Videogames and Personal Progression

    19 months ago

    We find ourselves through many mediums; art, nature, technology, even fishing- but what about video games? In an age of rapidly developing platforms and portals, many may find their sought guidance..