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I was born in a small town just north of Birmingham, in The Midlands which is in Central England. From a small child I was always artistic with writing and painting. And having watched mother in the kitchen as a child, this proved to be a good teaching in my later years when i encountered cooking.

I also had an upbringing which through my childhood I did live in the shadows of abuse, which did not affect my writing. I reversed back into my childhood thoughts and felt safer in my own little world.

I have wrote a book from my past in the era of the 1960's. The book is titled Lost Innocence. I was around 2 years old when things started, and by the time I was 8 years old I betrayed him. It is a story of child abuse, growing up with alcoholism, parents, school bullying, sexuality, self harm.

It is a true story as it is my story........

I am also a writer of poetry and will also be placing them in a hub as the days go by. I find it is a gift to be able to write, and to be able to express yourself in words and make your message reach other people is truely awesome.

Since joining Hubpages, I had a few years break as I had a few more projects to complete. Here I am three years later (2016) and up to date I have had 7 books self published. The last but one book, is another book close to my heart; as it is about childhood cancer. It was very hard to write, as I walked down memory lane because of losing a friend to leukemia; but it was one that I enjoyed writing, if only to raise awareness. I will point out at this stage that the book is only a story, but a story that could be true about someone's child.

Because i enjoy writing, I made sure that any profits from this book would go to children with cancer, it was something I feel passionate about, and it is my only way of being able to help. The book is titled A Magnolia Tree Blossoms; and although I am placing some chapters on here, I would ask if you like the story to help me help children with leukemia and go to my website to purchase the book.

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