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Peter M. Lopez

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Husband, father, lawyer, part-time blogger and hubber.

When I am not defending people against the strong arm of the state, I am moseying through life always on the lookout for something to write about.

The photo you see is of my and my wife at Peter's house in Capernaum, Israel - the site where Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law. It seemed appropriate.

If you have a minute and are interested, please visit my blogs:

Beauty of the Bible and St. Pete's Blog.

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      • IT'S A GIRL!!!

        IT'S A GIRL!!!

        9 years ago

        Libby Grace6lbs 4oz1 wk old today.I'll be back as time and Libby permit.

      • Is the Earth 6000 or a few billion years old?

        Is the Earth 6000 or a few billion years old?

        8 years ago

        I don't have the answer, obviously, but here is the short version of Dr. Gerald Schroeder's attempt to harmonize these seemingly contradictory ideas.http://www.geraldschroeder.com/age.htmlThere is an audio of a lecture...

      • Notification Re Fanmail.

        Notification Re Fanmail.

        9 years ago

        I forget to check my profile only to realize way later that someone left fanmail.  I feel bad approving fanmail who knows how long later.How about some notification, like the comments or a section on the stats...

      • Is HubPages Buggy Today???

        Is HubPages Buggy Today???

        9 years ago

        Anyone else having any of these problems today(?):-timed out-HP down for scheduled maintenance-being signed out-problems loading text, editing hubs, posting comments, etc

      • Invisibility v. Teleportation

        Invisibility v. Teleportation

        9 years ago

        Just to follow up on the thread from a few weeks ago, there is no longer any need to choose.Tonight: Sat. 4/6/08 on C-SPAN2 (US) at  7:00pm (CST), Book TV, Michio Kaku, Physics of the Impossible.Both are now...

      • I'm Being Signed Out in Firefox

        I'm Being Signed Out in Firefox

        9 years ago

        I am being randomly signed out in Firefox.  It seems random to me, anyway.  I'll click on the "Hubtivity" tab and I will get directed to the login screen. ???Is anyone else having this problem? ...

      • Super Tuesday II

        Super Tuesday II

        9 years ago

        Texas & Ohio: Obama or Hillary?

      • Favorite Star Trek series, chracter, etc.

        Favorite Star Trek series, chracter, etc.

        9 years ago

        Star Trek Fans:  What is your favorite series and character.Mine: Series: Next GenerationCharacter: Data (I'm especially fond of his "Ode to My Cat")

      • Meet Alfie.  He's Our Cat.

        Meet Alfie. He's Our Cat.

        9 years ago

        I never considered myself a cat person, until recently.  Meet Alfie, he's our new cat (picture at right, for a little while longer).http://hubpages.com/hub/Meet-My-Cat-Alfie

      • Prayer Requests Anyone?

        Prayer Requests Anyone?

        9 years ago

        In response to the popularity of the thread "Does Prayer Really Work?", I would ask if anyone has any requests for prayer.  In the last year, our church has seen amazing breakthrough in physical healing,...

      • We Need A Central Location for Smilies...

        We Need A Central Location for Smilies...

        9 years ago

        I love all the smilies, they make the forums more of an animated cartoon than IM thread.  But, going back and forth to find them is getting tedious.  Any suggestions?

      • Misha, how do you do it?

        Misha, how do you do it?

        9 years ago

        Misha, I just now noticed you have 617 posts, 5 hubs and 212 fans.  How do you do it?  That's 42.5ish fans per hub, a pretty good rate of return I would say.

      • Question re Uber???

        Question re Uber???

        9 years ago

        Does anyone have much experience with Uber?  I reluctantly created a myspace page, but I get so much spam it's barely worth the trouble, and at 34 I'm way tooooo old for facebook apparently (and so I'm told), but...

      • Best Super Bowl Commercial.

        Best Super Bowl Commercial.

        9 years ago

        I Like 2:Baby on computer who rented clown, andDalmation training Clydesdale to Rocky theme.

      • Cheesy, perhaps...but how about HP geat?

        Cheesy, perhaps...but how about HP geat?

        9 years ago

        Oops, it should be HP gear.How about an HP store.  I know it's kind of silly and somewhat cheesy, but everybody else has one.  I can see it now, an HP travel mug, or sweatshirt, or umbrella.Ooh, and key...

      • "More Hubs by Author" box on the Hubs

        "More Hubs by Author" box on the Hubs

        9 years ago

        Forgive me if this has been suggested or discussed before, but would it be possible to put a capsule or box on each hub similar to what are on the profile page.  It should be technically easy to do as those...

      • What's Up w/"HP Down for Upgrades" error?

        What's Up w/"HP Down for Upgrades" error?

        9 years ago

        I have seen this error several times on 2 different computers.  Certain links lead to a HP page that says HP is down for upgrades, but clicking from a different location yields different results.  Is this just...

      • Car Talk

        Car Talk

        9 years ago

        I don't really know much about cars, other than I love mine.  I spend so much time driving and listening to the radio, are there any other Car Talk fans out there.  I love those guys.My wife and I will go out...

      • 3000 Page Views

        3000 Page Views

        9 years ago

        Reached 3000 today, and became an "Expert".  Thank you guys so much.

      • Summary Text & Traffic

        Summary Text & Traffic

        9 years ago

        Until recently, I have always allowed the summary text to be generated by HP, but when I started adding my own summary text my traffic dropped.  I know my keywords and topics are not big traffic generators anyway,...

      • Posting HubPage Banners on Sites

        Posting HubPage Banners on Sites

        9 years ago

        Paul, or anyone else...is the underscore before a URL tracker necessary in the banner/site html or is the tracker sufficient?<a href="http://hubpages.com/fvrlbfqdgo9m"><img alt="HubPages"...

      • NFL playoffs, any thoughts?

        NFL playoffs, any thoughts?

        9 years ago

        Giants @ Cowboys = Cowboys.  GO COWBOYS.Seahawks @ Packers = PackersChargers @ Colts = ColtsJaguars @ Patriots = Patriots.No upsets this week.

      • Hubs loading S L O W L Y.

        Hubs loading S L O W L Y.

        9 years ago

        Has anyone else noticed that some hubs are loading V E R Y  S L O W L Y.  Not all of them, but on those that are loading slowly, my browser says "waiting on yieldbuild.com..."It's not just my hubs,...

      • HubPages "How To"

        HubPages "How To"

        9 years ago

        I still consider myself fairly new to HubPages, so I'm no expert, but I've noticed a flood of "how tos" on writing HubPages by new hubbers.  I don't mean this to be critical, some are well written, but Is...

      • New Hampshire Predictions?

        New Hampshire Predictions?

        9 years ago

        Will Obama go 2 for 2?  Probably not, but possible.  Hillary probably, but closer than the experts think.McCain or Mit?  Huckabee will make it tighter than most think even though it is NH.  McCain...

      • 2008 Primaries/Caucuses

        2008 Primaries/Caucuses

        9 years ago

        While I normally love presidential politics, I feel somewhat...blah, I guess about this year's pool of candidates.  Hillary would be interesting, except that she's been around since I was a teenager.  McCain,...

      • Requested Hub Etiquette?

        Requested Hub Etiquette?

        9 years ago

        As a fairly new member to HubPages, I spend a lot of time browsing hubs, and I think the comments are, often, certainly not always, as good as the hub.  Would it be appropriate to request that some of the HubPage...



        9 years ago

        I just wanted to say that, although I am fairly new to HubPages, I love it here.  The talent pool is phenomenal, second to none in my opinion.  The technology is great, for the most part (I still can't quite...

      • Changing Fonts in Hubs

        Changing Fonts in Hubs

        6 years ago

        I have noticed a few hubs with different fonts.  Can anybody tell me how to use different fonts in my hubs?  If it's a matter of changing code, where can I do that?