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Hi my name is Craig. A little about myself, I am married with 2 young daughters, I love spending time with my family, a homely kind of guy!

I have quite a few animals, they are my passion and hobby. I Have bantams, quail, a dog called Tillie, a rabbit (Thumper), a rat (Smokie), numerous guinea pigs, tropical fish and gold fish. I hatch my own bantams and quail and breed guinea pigs.

I really enjoy writing Hubs, esp about animals, as I work in clothing retail and have a dream of owning my own pet store one day! (Well we all can dream!)

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  • Serama Bantams, The Smallest Chicken in the World

    Serama Bantams, The Smallest Chicken in the World

    7 years ago

    Some can be small as 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cms) from floor to tip of tail! The Serama Bantam or Malaysian Serama Bantam, is a relatively new breed of domesticated chicken (fowl) to many parts of the world, originating in...