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I am a Christian who personally needed to discover which religion is True and which is False.

My investigation included Atheism and a broad spectrum from Ancient writings, Buddism, Shintuism, Communism, Wicca, Mormonism, Jehovah witnesses, New Age movements, Hinduism, Brahmism, Islam, and many more.

To accomplish my goal, I had to study every religion's books and use a falsification test to determine which hold True.

I eventually summarised the Quran, Hadith, and Bible and came to the conclusion that, not only is there a God or Creator, but that He speak through the Bible to anyone who takes the time to read what History holds by His direction.

I now agree with Isaac Newton that the Bible contains all scientific knowledge, and that I could also never find it to be in error with science, history, archaeology, humanitarian regulations, and morality.

This investigation allowed me to gain much wisdom for which I attest, I am but a simple man with very little education, but reading from the Bible, someting gives me insight to things I never knew possible.

Due to Islamic scholars' arguments, attacks, and hindering of the Truth from the Bible, I was placed on the track of apologetics against Islam.

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